Travelling London Alone? --- Girls, Advice Please?


I'm going to London (alone) to shop etc. As someone who relies on a scooter (disability scooter) to get around, I do know there are some problems with getting around. I know parts of london reasonably well (have been to Covent garden with family before, and streets such as Oxford Street, where I intend to go this time). I have to ask the question, in your experience, how safe is London (I'll only be travelling during the daylight hours!) for a woman alone?

Many thanks,



p-s - I'm hopefully moving to Kensington within the forseeable future, so oen of the reason's I'm doing this is so that I can get my bearings in London. I will also hopefully be visiting places like the British Museum etc.

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    Hi Marissa, I live in Islington and I travel to the West End on my own or with my daughter quite often. I would say it is generally safe. Just take care of your purse, like you would anywhere.

    Generally speaking, most acts of violence are committed by people already known to the victim, so on your own in a crowd, statistically you have small chance of being attacked.

    I hope you get to love London as much as I do!

    Take it easy, E x

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    Well, as it is always pretty busy in places like Oxford St., it is quite safe. Of course, you have to watch your bag etc. as you would anywhere.

    Just make sure when travelling (eg train) you stay where there are lots of people so that if anything did happen you would be helped.

    But yes, Oxford Street and Covent garden have always been pretty safe in my experience- just watch out for the traffic and people knocking into you!!

    Have a nice time

    Source(s): I have been to London on my own a few times and I am a girl :-)
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    I am 35 and moved to London 10 years ago. I often go out on my own or with my 6 year old daughter shopping in London and have never had any problems at all. Just make sure you know your routes beforehand for accessible travel. London is very safe - have a great time shopping!

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    Marrisa the areas your traveling to is fine during day,and most nights

    I travel from work at midnight around oxford street on a saturday night and its so busy and so many men and women around.

    although I would suggest not to stay out so late if your unfamiliar with the are

    ALSO,theres a day in june I think where Oxford street is gonna be closed for cars,so pedestrians can roam about on the roads,so your scooter will probably be able to roam around easily(lol)

    maybe you wanna come then

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  • Anonymous
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    its not too bad

    i dont know what disability scooter your using but if its the ones where you can hang stuff on the back DONT your belonging will be gone in a flash

    isnt there any one to go with you (there must be some one) just this once so you can familiarise yourself with the places you want to go then you can go alone next time

    dont listen to these people who are scared of walking down a street

    it will happen everywhere you go(pickpockets,bag snatchers) all youve got to do is be well aware of what is around you and you will be fine ie dont let people walk to close and hold handbags etc close to you,keep purse travel cards loose change mobile etc in a inside pocket if you can and dont try and cut through a back streets or alleys on your own

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    I personally wouldn't, with or without a scooter. I live in North London where it's not as bad and I still don't feel safe. It's too dangerous if you ask me. However, I don't want that to hold you back and I think you should go shopping if that's what you want to do. The chances are that you'll be absolutely fine but there's always a risk when travelling in London. If it was during the night then I'd say don't go out alone but as it's during the day then you should be okay.

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    Oh don't worry about travelling alone darling, its alright.

    I used to live in Wood Green [N22] and travel alot on my own, even night time...

    Crime wise Wood Green and basically North London ain't a safe area really.

    Also been to Peckham [South London] and to Hackney [East London] by myself even serious night time....

    Source(s): And yes i am a girl!
  • tony b
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    Hi Marissa.. you are one brave lady...

    I really dont think its that safe to be honest.. Oxford street is the bag snatching pickpocketing area. Please do not take offence by this but you would be an easy target. I now live in the USA and my wife wanted to go to London .... she changed her mind when I showed her the recent crime stats for london especially crime reports from Oxford st.

    But at the end of the day.. you may be fine. Just be very very careful .. and spread your money around your pockets just in case your bag gets stolen

  • O
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    1 decade ago

    i wouldn't go to london for a free gold clock

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