Honestly: What do you think of Lebanon?

What do you think of Lebanese people? .. of the land itself? .. of the food? .. of anything?..

I would like to listen to your very honest opinion about Lebanon. You can talk in general or if you like to concentrate on a certain subject in your answer :)


@ saydaly hawa mosh la2e eldawa:

no need for translation.. I talk arabic very well.. I am Lebanese..

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  • zenda
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    1 decade ago
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    Lebanon land or people one of the best countries and people all over the world, i really like them.

    1- The land: I like Lebanon because there is too much green at their lands, It is a good view for someone live all his life at the city.

    2- People: very kind, generous and they know how to live their life even if there is a lot of of problems or wars in the country.

    3- The dialect: I like it, I think it is soft "Medala3a ya3ny" :p and they use French too and i like French.

    4- Food, I didn't eat a lot of Lebanese food but i ate "Man2oosh with 7aloob cheese i think" with Angelo and it was good and fatoosh salad it was ok except the onions because i don't like to eat onion.Next time i will eat "Kobeba" :)

    5- Beauty: yahoo answers won't be enough for this point :p

    Lebanon my second country.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Having visited Lebanon three times now , each time I feel more at home...

    Lebanese people are so welcoming & friendly .....the country is stunningly beautiful......the culture & history fascinating ...the food is out of this world !

    People call it a third world country & in many ways that is a stigma not of its' own doing , but noone can take away the fact the Lebanese people always rise way above their circumstances & show a toughness & resiliance that is an example to the rest of the world !

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i could never put lebanon into words, i lived there most of my life, but now that i had to go, i try to vist every year or so! summer is great but is is skiing in winter. great beaches that are warm and a lot of fun to swim in. going on the 7aske is fun and lebanese food is the only food i practicly eat. its great to see other lebanese people out there who think the same way of lebanon and even the non lebanese people who also think highly of such a great country, i'd have to admit though that it has been somewhat effected by polictics and neighbouring countries just to name a few. Hope fully lebanon can recover once again so most of the people outside of it can enjoy the best of lebanon once again :)

    kelna men heb lebnan and i think thats great :P

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  • 1 decade ago

    Lebanon in general is like our little lovely sister. Most of the food is very good. Myself I like the many kinds and I don't know the names.

    The people in general are nice and they love life. Lebanese arts also are nice. We love Lebanon in general and you can see it clear in many old Arabic films. Arts, business, tourism and entertainment till the 70's use to meet in Lebanon. If we come to the nature and the Lebanese beauty, we feel it's sweet.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Lebanon is amazing but I'm sorry for every war its going through.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    lebanon aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    let me say it in arabic coz i can not express my feelings in english and plz some one translate

    lamma ne2ool lebnaan ya 3eny 3ala gamalha

    hawaha 3al gabal nedeef yeshre7 el 2alb el 7azeen

    nasha el7elween el tayyebeeen elly be7ebbo el 7ayah

    el gamaal fe el ard we fe el nas

    a7la akl fe 7ayatek takleeh fe lebnan

    ta3m el mayya el gameel zy ta3m banat lebnan

    eldala3 welmayasa we el 7ob we gamal heyya lebnan

    lebnan we ayyam lebnan we mazzeket lebnan

    Source(s): @alousa to2obreny baddy etrawwa2 safee7et jebne w man2oshet za3tar w fattosh w tabbole yokhrob baytkom sho btakhdo el3a2el ya banat lobnan
  • 1 decade ago

    i lovee their accent!!

    the guys are ugly but the girls there are soo pretty. ive never had lebanese food but i would like to try it someday. i thought it was like all mediterranean food but i guess not haha.

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