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Animal Cruelty and Testing?

I am writing a 3 minute speech on animal testing and animal cruelty. I need some interesting information on both of the topics.. oh and how do you say PETA??

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    The most common research animals are NOT dogs or cats, they are mice and rats. Mice, by far, are the most numerous critters used in research.

    Research institutions are regulated about six different ways, if not more. They must answer to the USDA, an internal group called IACUC (Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee), state organizations, OLAW (Office for Laboratory Animal Welfare), AALAC (Association for the Assessment and Accreditation of Lab Animal Care, an independent group that inspects and accredits research facilities), and of course the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association). These groups make announced and unannounced visits at least once or twice yearly. They enforce various laws, such as the Animal Welfare Act, Public Health Service policies, etc etc etc.

    Investigators must write out an animal protocol, specifying exactly what will be done with the animals, how they will be used, what will be gained by the research, what anesthetics/analgesics will be used, the exact numbers of animals to be used, why animals must be used as opposed to alternative models, etc etc etc.

    The IACUC keeps a very close eye on every detail that happens to every individual animal in their facility, trust me.

    Veterinary staff must always be available, and there is always a veterinarian as part of the IACUC group. Veterinary technicians inspect every animal every day, and make certain that the procedures are carried out properly with the animal's welfare in mind. Remember, vet techs love animals too, and they are VERY involved in their roles as animal caretakers. It is an important responsibility to be the 'research police' and make sure that the animals are cared for properly. Only exactly what is in the animal protocol can be done.

    Animals do not suffer unduly. They are given analgesics/anesthesia where needed. If surgery is done as part of the research, the vet techs prep the animals, monitor the anesthesia, and recover the animals. It is extremely rare for anything to be done without analgesia. This is not the 'dark ages' of research where paralyzing agents were used without any pain relief.

    Research using animal models has led to countless medications and surgical procedures that would not otherwise be possible or safe. Don't forget,

    animals benefit too!

    Pets with problems...such as diabetes, kidney failure, liver disease such as shunts, cancer, etc...are all beneficiaries of animal research. It's possible for a cat to have a kidney transplant. I wouldn't want my kitty to have that done by a vet who had only worked on computer models. Computers or cell culture just does not give accurate answers to many problems. It is unfortunate, but living animals must be used for the majority of studies. Would you want your surgeon or your beloved pet's veterinarian to have gone through school without touching a living animal? Or your pet's vet tech...I wouldn't want to put a needle in a client's pet's vein without having had experience on other animals.

    Animal research benefits every human and pet you know.

    added: to Absolute--sorry, you're right. I DO read the questions and answers thoroughly unlike some people. I did, however, misinterpret your statement.

    I put the two ideas together, since many people equate animal research with animal cruelty.

    Otherwise, I stand by my response.

    Source(s): RVT--internal medicine/dermatology/emergency specialty clinic The things I do every day that save lives would not be possible without research using living animals.
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    Animal Cruelty is a huge things, that often leads a person to other crimes such as domestic violence. ( The HSUS estimates that nearly 1 million animals a year are abused or killed in connection with domestic violence) Animals cannot speak for themselves and are often taken advantage of.

    The most common victums of animal cruelty are dogs and cats.

    Animal testing is a horrible life for an animal. Often times, pain medications, etc, are NOT aloud to the animal during the testing so that it doesnt interfer with the test result.

    Animal testing costs the American public over $136 billion annually. Think of what else we could use that money for.....And did you know: Alternatives cost a significantly less amount and produce far better results!!!!

    Drugs that pass animal tests end up harming or killing humans about 61% of the time.

    Cosmetic companies perform more then half of all animal tests.

    Between 25 and 50 billion animals are

    meaninglessly killed in laboratories each year.

    Please dont buy products from companies that test on animals.

    Here is a MySpace page for someone who know alot about Animal Cruelty/Testing

    And to the person who answered below me......And yes, when it comes to abuse, Cats and Dogs ARE the most common victums. Testing is another story. Read what people write before responding.

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    Peetah! You could talk about the "I'd rather go naked than wear fur campaign". You could suggest they do their testing on child molesters and murderers instead of innocent animals.

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