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bubba asked in EnvironmentGlobal Warming · 1 decade ago

Have you seen the latest news from Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)?

Here is the story. How cool is this if it works??



Good point Bravozulu, but they are using RF and not microwave.

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    There's been some talk about space based solar power for a little while now. I think the country taking it the most seriously is Japan, from what I've read. However, while the concept sounds cool, it's not a very practical option from a cost standpoint. It costs so much to launch equipment into space that it would need to become much cheaper for this to be a cost competetive option. On top of that, it also takes a lot of energy to launch something into space, so it's not even clear that the net environmental impact of space based solar will be low.

    Climate Progress did a good article on this story.


  • JimZ
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    1 decade ago

    I was thinking the same thing as Bravozulu. On a similar problem, what if a bird flies into it. Can you imagine the problems that the environmentalists will create if we have a California Condor fly into it. I like the idea but we have a sources of cheap energy that are being eliminated by the same people who whine about human caused global warming. Senator Feinstein put up a bill to put off limits almost all possible solar generation in the Majave Desert. This will be no different. They really aren't interested in alternative power it seems.

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    It is certainly interesting from a historical perspective. Radio was essentially begun by Nikola Tesla trying to transmit power without wires. He was thought of as a mad scientist in his day during the first part of the last century. I probably wouldn't want to be in a plane flying through that 200 megawatt microwave beam. I am surprised someone is seriously saying that could be practical.

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    This is technically feasible--------- but enormously expensive to implement.

    Just think about the destruction that would result if the radio "beam" of electro-magnetic energy lost it's lock on the ground station! This is just a political stunt!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Great idea but 30 years to late because of the luddite president Jimmy Carter who killed all the programs that would have had this up and operating by 1988. it is about time we got back on the road to the future before we end up buying all of our orbital generated electricity from China, Russia and Japan

    I have been fighting for and promoting this for almost 40 years now, this is one of the few real answers to the worlds energy problems. Combine this with nuclear and other renewable sources and we can shut down the coal plants forever.

  • Anonymous
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    It would never get a permit to operate in California.

    If it works it will take a LONG LONG time to pay for itself... do you know how much energy it takes to launch something into space? Do you have any idea how much pollution it causes?

    It's a fantasy, and not a particularly good one.

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