can smoking two cigarettes per day cause me cancer..?

hi guys i m 24.. n i have been smoking for three years first i used to smoke 5 or 6 cigarettes a day but since last one year i have reduced it to two cigarettes per i wanted to know if two cigarettes can cause me cancer? and what r the symptoms of cancer caused by smoking???

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    'Every cigarette is doing you damage'

    Look - some people smoke their whole lives and don't get cancer. Others never smoke and do get cancer. But the fact is smoking DOES increase your chance of getting a whole bunch of different cancers - not just lung cancer.

    If you're concerned about your health, quit smoking and see your Doc.

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    Smoking even two cigarettes a day will increase your chances of getting cancer of any kind and also increases the risks of heart disease infertility and many other conditions. Smoking only two a day means that you aren't severely addicted yet, so give up now as there are other less avoidable dangers to worry about as well. Smoking becomes more addictive the longer you do it and soon your body will crave more and more nicotine.

    As for the symptoms, that depends on where the cancer starts and what it does to you.

    My husband died a fortnight ago from lung cancer and had no symptoms at all until November last year. He'd smoked for years but was not a heavy smoker. (Less than a pack a day)

    He went to the Doctor complaining of shoulder pain. He had lost one kidney, had a massive tumour and bloodclots in his spleen, liver and other kidney. Within four months he went from being a young looking relatively fit, man to a skeleton thin, old man who couldn't even get out of bed to go to the toilet. He was only 58!! Believe me it's not a death I'd wish on anybody, or one I'd like any other woman or children to have to watch!

    Source(s): Widow of lung cancer sufferer!
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    It's an odds thing. Not a direct cause and effect guarantee.

    Take as an analogy, crossing a street. the more times you cross a street, the more chance you have of getting hit by a car. Just in your day to day existence, you have to cross the street, and a number of differences in life make you cross that street more or less often.

    Smoking would be equivalent to increasing the number of cars on that street; the more cigarettes you smoke, the more cars, the more dangerous traffic there is.

    You may get hit by a car tomorrow, or you may not get hit ever. But the more you smoke, the more likely it becomes that you will get hit.

    It's a choice you make.

    As for cancer, there are so many types associated that describing is not possible here. Regarding lung cancer, you will likely be too far gone with it before you have clear symptoms. it doesn't tend to give a noticible problem clearly caused by lung cancer (and not some other general respiratory problem) until it is generally well developed, which is one of the reasons it is so deadly. You think you have a cold, or that slight cough you had forever and no longer think about as a problem until it starts to really hurt.

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    1 decade ago

    Cigarette smoking CAN cause cancer...lung cancer, yet there are millions of people out there who smoke. If you've cut down to 2 cigarettes per day, there isn't any reason why you can't quit entirely.

    Look at the money you'll save by quitting..not to mention your breath will improve, & you won't have that smokey stink that's attached to smokers. STOP SMOKING NOW!

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  • Tilly
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    1 decade ago

    Maybe yes, maybe no.

    Does cancer run in your family? You may get some type of cancer whether you smoke or not. But, cigarettes are bad for you in a lot of other ways too. It can ruin your lungs, your arteries, and when that happens it also causes heart attacks too.

    With what it costs to smoke, financialy and health wise why bother. You are only smoking 2 flippin cigs a day anyway!

    Seems like you arn't really a smoker, so why pretend?

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    BlueJay said it so very well. I am 66 and smoke way more than two cigarettes a day, But, and a very large BUT, two cigarettes a day is how my addiction started 50+ years ago mainly because in those days, it was all I could afford. I am quitting as I type this only after being slapped very hard up-side the head with the effects of tobacco abuse all those years. I take oxygen while I sleep to fight the COPD and worry every day about what I did to my lungs. Give 'em up my friend, they just aren't worth it. It's only two but do you really want to risk permanent lung damage with them?

    Source(s): Cancer patient/survivor and tobacco quitter - I hope!
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    1 decade ago

    Cigarettes can cause cancer no matter how much you smoke..! to me if your going to smoke you might as well not smoke two a day because to me there is no point..

  • 1 decade ago

    man you can get lung cancer even if you don't smoke. I did and i'm a year in remission. the best thing i can tell you is to not smoke. you can get cancer with or without smoking, but you do increase your chances by smoking. Its up to you though, do you want to rise the possibility?

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    You have your whole life ahead of you. I grieve for a young person in my life who died of cancer and never got past 18. Why don't you quit entirely and begin a life with all the chances for good that you can get instead of gambling with your existence or increasing your odds for an illness that you don't want to face? I wish better things for you.

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