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Who are some of the CURRENT fastest bowlers in world cricket? (give bowling speed examples)?

In their prime, Shoaib Akhtar and Brett Lee used to bowl in the 155-160km/h range. Today's quick don't seem that quick. Dale Steyn bowls in the mid-140kms/h. Mitchell Johnson is slightly quicker but hardly any bowler even crosses 150km/h anymore. Guys like Johnson and Steyn only occasionally bowl over 150km/h. I don't think that guys who bowl an average speed of about 145km/h should be classified as fast, maybe medium-fast is more appropriate!


How is the pace in pace bowling generated? I don't think it is related to size cuz guys like Brett Lee, Shoaib Akhtar, Dale Steyn, Malcolm Marshall, etc were the fastest bowlers in their respective teams but they were not the biggest guys in the team.

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    Shaun Tait- 149-151km/h

    Brett Lee- 146-148km/h

    Mitchell Johnson- 145-146km/h

    Fidel Edwards-145-146/km/h

    Dale Steyn- 145-146km/h

    As you can see from the average speeds, unfortunately the bowling speeds have dropped over the last 5 years. This could be due to too much Cricket being played, or just a lack of talent in the world cricket at this paticular time.

    2nd Q) It's not down to size, Joel Garner, Andrew Flintoff, Steve Harmison, Curtley Ambrose and even now Ishant Sharma are all tall bowlers who were the fastest bowlers in the team.

    Speed comes from multiple attributes from the bowler

    * Run-Up and Rythm- The smoother the run-up the more momentum the bowler gets, thus the faster he bowls

    * Bowling action- An explosive bowling action can add vital pace, this involves an action that generates a lot of momentum and quick arm speed.

    * Muscle Mass- Obviously the bowler himself has to be strong too, hours in the gym will pay off

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    Well Mitchell Johnson bowls around 143-148 consistently and often cracks the 150kph.

    And have you heard the stat of how many overs he has bowled since the Indian test matches last year? It is a ridiculously high number, he has bowled a helluva lot of overs yet he continues to bowl very quick.

    And then theres players like Shaun Tait who can consistently bowl 150+ but only in short spells, that's what makes Johnson such a great bowler, he's endurance and consistency.

    Speed is mostly generated by the bowlers action, technique and rhythm and partially physical strength. Size of the bowler helps with other things like extra bounce but not necessarily speed.

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    mitch jonson 150km to 120km

    peter siddle 150km to 120km

    brett lee 150km to 120km

    steyn 150km to 120km

    fast bowling is genarated by your run up and momentem and how quick u let go of the ball and how strong ur arm is to do that.

    u also have to be a fit person to do this and mentaly strong and good diets and exercising can help with this. you need to reeboot after the previous delivary and go back to ur mark back re energized after the previous ball which can take a lot of energy out of u. and pace can be helped with the wind behind ur back and also adrelenine if u got that and usually after u've just taken a wicket that really helps pace, adrelinine gives u that extra boost of speed that can come when uve got adrelenine

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    Shaun Tait - 150 kmph (when i went and saw him he bowled at 150kmph and hurt AB de Villiers!!!)

    Dale Steyn - 140-ish kmph

    Mitchell Johnson 145-150kmph

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    hey guys u forgot ISHANT SHARMA who has crossed 150 mark and it was bowled the fastest ball by an indian followed by nehra in india

    but mostly steyn,tait,johnson,lee are doing well

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    pace comes from the shoulder not from a long run up or high arm action,not even on the size but obviously it depends on practise,skill,exercise,discipline lifestyle,

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    it think u got the answers of ur all Qs

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    breet lee at the present-

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