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andy t asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

What could it be if my dog scratches and bites herself excessively?

Of course I know dogs will bite and scratch themselves, my friends however all agree that she does it way too much. I have a vet appointment set up for her soon, but I'd like to go in there with a few thoughts of my own. And also, she doesn't have fleas, or any other kind of bugs that I can see, I've checked thoroughly and frequently, and I bathe her regularly

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Bathing your dog will remove the natural oils and make her itch more. Try to limited the amount of baths which you give her. Perhaps you are using the wrong kind of shampoo and not rinsing this out fully. You should also avoid giving her milk and dog food which contains GRAIN. Numerous dogs have problems because of grain (which includes rice) in their food.

    I have learnt by my mistakes. My present dog had dreadful problems because of the food which I gave her, I experimented with dog food, I tried raw diets, cooked diets and over the years I tried various dog foods. She did not like the raw diets and the dog food that I gave her resulted in diarrhoea. As an experienced dog owner I introduced any changes gradually. Nevertheless my dog still had problems. She was eight years old before I resolved her problem.

    Eventually, because of my researches on the Internet I found that the experts have discovered that GRAIN in our dog’s diet causes many problems. I now know that grain creates acidity in the blood. This causes skin problems, digestive issues, allergies, sickness, diarrhoea, anal gland problems etc.,

    if your dog has skin problems or any of the above problems PLEASE CHANGE THE DIET. Avoid Grain, rice, beef derivatives and dairy food

    I now give my dog a dried food which uses beet for fibre and fish. It’s called Fish4Dogs and I buy it on the Internet. Look on the Internet and investigate yourself. Gluten free dog food is not enough to help our dogs, it MUST BE GRAIN FREE.

    A rapid change of diet will upset your dog; any change of diet must be done gradually. Do please change to a grain free diet. I have had sixteen dogs throughout the years and they have had various problems. Perhaps if I had known about the dangers of GRAIN they would have had fewer problems. .

    Source(s): Dorothy S
  • 1 decade ago

    Your dog may be prone to food allergies. A lot of dogs are allergic to corn and wheat which is still put into dog foods. If your dog has either of these in the food, I would change to a good food like Canidae or Innova. If this is not the case, your dog could just have seasonal allergies. I would check the ingredients in the food first. I hope this helps.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I answered the same kind of question submitted by Fancy and I went into some detail. If you can find that, you should find it helpful. Basically, this is what I suggested...... use Brewers Yeast (in pet shops). One pill per 10 lbs of dog, for small dogs split the pills as they are large. Pill splitter makes easy to do. Make a tepid (luke-warm) bath, put baking soda in the water. Just pour cupfuls of the mix over the dog. Do not towel off vigorously - pat dry. This will give quick relief. Good luck.

  • 1 decade ago

    It really really really sounds like she has food allergies. Change her food to something grain-free, as it is a lot of fillers that are in dog foods that cause allergies. If she doesn't stop scratching, then she may have an allergy to certain proteins. You can find out through the process of elimination.

    Some dogs are allergic to chicken, so if you find her scratching even with a grain-free chicken dog food, then try grain-free Lamb. Or you can try Venison, or even Rabbit, or even Kangaroo. A lot of owners of pets with allergies have success controlling them with sticking to only those proteins.

    Here are some great formulas of kibbles (some are grain-free, some are not but are still super premium and have no corn):






    6 Fresh Fish:

    Just remember it will take a couple weeks for the allergies to subside. You probably won't see your dog stop right away.

    It might be good to first try the Orijen 6 fresh fish one. It is fantastic dog food and fish is less likely to cause allergies in dogs.

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  • 1 decade ago

    There are quite a few reason why animal do this:







    There are six main categories of dermatitis veterinarians have to consider whenever a “Skin Case” is presented. Most skin and coat abnormalities can be defined by or placed in one of these categories:

    Please look at the site in the references for some guidance.. please take your Pet to a Good vet as arranged as this should help your poor animal

  • 1 decade ago

    in addition to allergy it is possible that you bathe her too often,

    thus drying out her skin, or maybe not rinsing her well enough,

    which would leave some shampoo on her skin.

    also, you cannot see all parasites. you can try to make her

    stand on a clean white sheet and brush or comb her vigorously

    and then look at what has fallen on the towel.

    seeing the vet is mandatory - i think, since your dog could

    also need some minerals.

    Source(s): having owned and owning dogs for decades
  • Vashti
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Allergies or dry scalp due to bathing too often.

    What kind of shampoo do you use? Try a scalpicin or conditioning type one for dogs.

    After I bathe & rinse my dogs, I pour a gallon of water mixed with a cap of fabric softener over them. That's a dog groomer trick I picked up a long time ago. She said that makes sure to get all the soap out & conditions their skin.

  • 1 decade ago

    It could be that the shampoo that you bathe her in is provoking an allergic reaction on her skin. This is an increased probability if you are using human shampoo or soap. Try to use special dog shampoo made for sensitive skin, if this problem continues.

    Also, it may be because she is bored. Try giving her more toys and more exercise to keep her interested.

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    i agree with the above answer, it's probably allergies of some sort. depeding on the season your in atm (im entering autumn but you could be in spring) depends on the sort of allergy she has.

    It's most likely grass allergies from grass seeds of the season. your vet might be able to pin point what it is. check for any ivy/thistle/nettle etc in your yard to make sure it's not a weed you could easily get rid off.

    During spring my elder dog needs to get a shot to help with his grass allergies he sometimes gets. it normally goes away pretty quickly and we use a vet perscription cream to help him relieve the itch till it does.

    Just wait to see what your vet says, if there's no fleas etc around thats all you can do.

    Best of luck!

    Source(s): 9 yrs dog ownership 8yrs flyball training.
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