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可以幫我翻譯成英文嗎~~? 急 ~~

我的興趣是聽音樂 當我厭倦讀書時 我會聽音樂放鬆心情

對於喜歡音樂的我來說 我認為音樂可以表達一個人的心情

而對喜歡音樂的我 音樂也成為我獨一無二的興趣


有時候聽著音樂 便能體會歌詞要表達的意思

我喜歡抒情歌 有時也會自己創作詞

我喜歡音樂 但不代表我以後夢想是當歌星



我覺得 音樂 是這個世界上 最美妙的旋律

它讓人們從中得到喜樂 也藉由他表達喜怒哀樂 抒發情緒


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    My interest listens to music, when I study bored I will listen to music relaxation mood regarding my I who will like music to think that music may voice person's feelings, but to will like music my music also becoming my unique interest, so long as will have the word and Qu Jiuneng becomes a song sometimes to listen to music then to be able to realize the lyrics must express the meaning I will like expressing the love song sometimes also to meet to create write words I to like music but not representing me later to vainly hope for will be when the singing star will like music purely is only an interest, because music will let my mood feel that unusual will be joyful I to think music will be in this world the most wonderful melody It lets the people obtain pleasantly also expresses the laughter, anger, sorrow and happiness because of him to express the mood, but life also because of had music to let the life be richer is more moving

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    My interest is listen to music be I tired study I will listen to music is relax for like to be musical of I to say that I think that music can express a person of mood and also become me to my music that likes to be musical the one and only of the interest only have phrase and song and then can become a song's sometimes listenning to music then can realize the lyrics wants to express of meanings I like to express madrigal by himself/herself sometimes also create to write words me to like music but don't represent me to will dream of hereafter is be a singer to like music pure just interest because music makes my mood felt to dulcify me to feel that music is this very the most beautiful wonderful melody lets people get from it in the world pleased joy also by he expression the loving, anger, saddness, and happiness express emotion and the life also let because of having music life more abundant more moving

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