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What kind of behaviors do you think is good manners?


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    behavior通常是當不可數的名詞,kind of behavior如果要加s,是加在kind上。所以你的句子應用單數:What kind of behavior do you think is good manners?

    跟據字典說明behavior是心理學家教育學家及社會學家在當專業術語時才加上s。如In this chapter, we discuss strategies for dealing with the problem behaviors of young children.

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    您好 很高興為您解答

    What kind of behavior do you consider it as good manner

    do you think is -> think + is 兩個動詞.. 所以要改掉

    除此之外, 英文上盡量避免 A is B , 因為那就像 A = B

    good behavior 可以被認為是 good manner,

    但是 兩者無法相等, 這個觀念 在英文上是很重要的

    Source(s): 美國的台裔
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