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Better Flow? Method Man or Snoop?

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    Method Man's flow is so sik I don't even kno where 2 start. Don't get me wrong, snoops flow used 2 b pretty down & now its alright, but the meth has arguably one of the best flows of all time. Check him out that 36 chambers album, or his first solo album Tical. Like he once said during a interview wit fab 5 freddy

    "Im named method man cause' I got mad different methods 2 the way I do my sh**...... its like roll dat ish, light that ish, smoke it"

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    Method Man

  • Method Man by FAR

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    I love Method Man's flow, so him.

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    I like both of them....

    But gotta recognize that Method Man has better flow... Not by far but he does...

    Snoop's voice is SICK THOUGH!!!

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    Eminem isn't even in the question c'mon man seriously. i know youre foolin around but still

    Snoop but by a slim margin for me. Just listen to Doggystyle. enough said

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    Definetely MethodMan im a cali kid but method is raw juss listen to the song TheRock by dr.dre listen to his hook dude straight flowin.

  • M.E.T.H.O.D. Man

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    M-E-T-H-O-D MAN

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