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last names of American Girl Dolls?

for the american girl dolls what are:

Felicity's friend Elizabeth's last name?

Kaya's last name?

Ruthie's last name?

Emily's last name?

Chrissa's last name?

Gwen's last name?

and finally Sonali's last name?

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    Here are all the American Girl Dolls names;

    Kaya's full name is Kaya'aton'my, or "she who arranges rocks."

    Felicity Merriman

    Elizabeth Cole

    Josefina Montoya

    Kirsten Larson

    Addy Walker

    Samantha Parkington

    Nellie O'Malley

    Rebecca Rubin

    Kit Kittredge

    Ruthie Smithens

    Molly McIntire

    Emily Bennett

    Julie Albright

    Ivy Ling

    Lindsey Bergman

    Kailey Hopkins

    Marisol Luna

    Jess McConnell

    Nicki Fleming

    Mia St. Clair

    Chrissa Maxwell,

    Gwen Thompson,

    Sonali Matthews

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    Felicity American Girl Doll

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    Elizabeth Cole Kaya'aton'my (she who arranges rocks) Ruthie Smithens Emily Bennett Chrissa Maxwell Gwen Thompson Sonali Matthews Hope this helps!!!

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    Felicity Merriman

    I don't believe Kaya has a last name

    Ruthie Smithens

    Emily Bennet

    Chrissa Maxwell

    Gwen Thompson

    Sonali Matthews

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    This Site Might Help You.


    last names of American Girl Dolls?

    for the american girl dolls what are:

    Felicity&#39;s friend Elizabeth&#39;s last name?

    Kaya&#39;s last name?

    Ruthie&#39;s last name?

    Emily&#39;s last name?

    Chrissa&#39;s last name?

    Gwen&#39;s last name?

    and finally Sonali&#39;s last name?

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    The last names are Merriman,Smithens,Bennet,Maxwell,Thompson and Matthews.

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    McKenna brooks

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    its Julie Allright not Allbright! haha

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    Pretty good arguments.

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