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Lots of Web Design Questions, help?

Alright, I take a great interest in computer related things such as programming, creating web sites, etc. I am currently in a web 1 class in my highschool and have learned Html(I previously knew) and are getting into dreamweaver. Now, my school offers and Web 2 class but really doesn't step into any new topics, just desing curriculum based web sites with dreamweaver. Now I am thinking about going to college to be a web designer, I am fully aware that relying fully on a WYSIWYG editor will not cut it. What do I need to learn yet? Should I learn how to hand code CSS, PhP, Javascript(I can already program in other languages shoud not be hard to pick up), ASPX, and how should I go about learning about servers such APACHE or SQL/MySql? If I do choose to go to college for web design what am i going to want major/minor in? (I specilze in the design/layout if that helps?) Also I dislike the fact that my school does not teach how to design our own templates by designing sections of it in photoshop and slicing it. How can I go about learning to create my own templates by using this process? Also, for my senior project I am remaking the schools wrestling site and are purchasing Adobe Dreamweaver cs3 for my own use at home. Photoshop cs3 is a little to pricy for my budget are there any other reliable programs like photoshop I can use to the same or almost the same extent?




Thanks for your reply, its been helpful :D

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    That's a lot of questions!

    Agreed, relying on WYSIWYG for a carreer is not the way forward. Open files developed with DW and try to understand the code: it never makes any sense and is pretty crappy.

    So, being able to "tune" and correct these codes are essential, but this means learning how to code by hand, with a simple text editor. Those who CAN'T do that will remain forever (in my opinion, of course), poor amateurs.

    So, what to learn?

    It depends what you want to achieve. If it is only web development (I said "development", not "design"), you need just a few languages. Which ones is your choice and depends on the server(s) you will work on. There are Unix/Apache and Windows servers.

    For any of them, you need: (X)HTML, javascript, CSS (& maybe, java and flash)

    On Unix LAMP servers (Linux/unix, Apache, Mysql and Php), you need Php and mySQL.

    On Windows, ASP, JSP, and IIS db's. (I do not like window servers, hence can't say much about them, but they are Microsoft, and that's enough for me!)

    Slicing: Aaahhh... It is not tought, because it is a complex "art". DW slices images for you in a way that makes me laugh: no meaning or functionality whatsoever. Slicing requires skills.

    Let's take a simple example: go to You can see three nice rounded boxes. These are "scalable", that is, they adapt to your screen width, whatever it is! This is done by slicing the box in 9 elements: the four corners are fixed in size, the center row expands/shrinks vertically to adapt to the contents, the middle column expands/shrinks horizontally to adapt to screen width. (Check the source code).

    This slicing cannot be made "automatic" with any IDE: it requires "Human touch"...

    So, if you need templates, make your own: I have never found any template on the web that works on all browsers and on all screen resolution!

    As for Photoshop, sorry, but it is the best available (as long as you don't let it "slice" your images for you!). There are many places where you can "find a free copy", but I can't tell you here...

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    You need to learn everything the you plausibly can. You can learn codes and other computer Programs. You need to take every computer class you they wil help you in the long run.

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