Getting jacked.... ? AEP!?

Okay, here is the situation. This is regarding electricity through AEP:

My sister, her husband and three children are renting a house. The signed the lease in January, didn't move in until mid February. For January, their KWH was 3,985. For February, their KWH was 4,367. For March, their KWH was 4,975. Their bill for those 3 months is $1,674.28.

Now... I acted as my sister, and called AEP, talked to a supervisor, and she had me go outside, read her the meter number, and what numbers the dials were on. I did that, then she asked me to get a good idea of how fast the dial was moving, then go inside and unplug the refrigerator. I did, and the dial still moved the same pace. The have 4 SMALL baseboard heaters, that have never been used.

My question is, could the high KWH be due to bad wiring or a bad meter?

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    Definitely bad meter, not wiring

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