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Help........ I need a spelling answer.......?

Ok in this sentence {Dario and Susan, my parents' friends , stopped over last night.} Why does the (') come before the s .

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    The word 'parents' is plural. the (') indicates that the friends belong to the parents. Does this help? I hope so.

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    When showing possession by using an apostrophe, such as in the sentence "That is the woman's phone", the apostrophe comes at the end of the word, followed by an s. In the case of your sentence, since "parents" is plural, this rule would result in "parents's". Generally, we don't put the second s for aesthetic and pronunciation purposes. The way you have it written is correct, however, putting the second s is not technically incorrect.

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    The ' comes after the s because in this case, the thing you're talking about (the friends) belong to/are the friends of your parentS -- both of them. So when using the possessive, you put the apostrophe after the "owner" -- your parents -- like so "my parents's friends". EXCEPT that now, you have "parents's", which doesn't look good, so it's shortened to "parents' ". If that makes sense...

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    You have it correct. After the S

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