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split rock resort in PA?

how are the bedrooms? we are going to live in the villas part of the resort

how clean or dirty was it?

and how were the furniture and stuff?

i heard about the beds and bathrooms were kinda gross and the ceilings/furniture were outdated??

is it true?

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    You are talking about Split Rock in the Poconos

    right? I have stayed in the Time Shares a few times

    and they were very nice. Very clean. Everything was

    in good condition and worked. I have a friend; Linda

    who has stayed in the villas. She too, has had very

    good experiences there. She did tell me that they

    were updating the villas when she was there in 2005.

    If you are concerned you can contact them and ask

    if they have a website and voice your concerns. They

    may be able to e-mail you recent photos.

    It seems that the times I was there the clientele was

    mostly seniors. I as n my early 20s when I started

    going there and I am lowly edging my way up there!

    You may want to look into this too.

    Source(s): Love the Poconos!
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