Very interesting Search Engine Optimization observation: Keywords?

After using the free Google Adwords key tool on I noticed that some queries were incredibly interesting or possibly way off. For instance, set the match type to EXACT as opposed to BROAD and type in the following type of query and see what happens,

"City" Homes for sale vs "City" "State Abreviation" homes for sale as in ...

[Chicago Homes For Sale] vs [Chicago il homes for sale]

[san francisco homes for sale] vs [san francisco ca homes for sale]

This occurs for every other city state combo. Why?

The results that this generates is unreal, literally I think. Please explain. Ten points, and much gratitude from me.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I don't know, sorry!

  • Rhonda
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    5 years ago

    Based on the emails and response you received and it's also matter of researching the number of searches done, which isn't totally accurate, but it can give *relative* numbers, and then checking how many pages are returned for the search at Google (and now, Yahoo). Beyond that, one of the most telling is to look and see who the competition is. If there aren't very many SEO'd sites it generally isn't as difficult to compete as in areas where it's obvious that sites have had "professional" optimization done or are using aggressive techniques.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Because Broad is just that. when you do this you are searching for anything that has those words in them . Same for exact match. Exact match you are targeting a very specific term, and has to be in that order.... so therfore you will have less results.

    just think about everything on the web that has the word chicago in it.... then you tell the search engine to only show you [chicago homes for sale] --- this makes it one keyword instead of 3, cause its not going to use (for) as a keyword.

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