Do you still have vaginal bleeding after birth if you have a c-section?

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if you have to have a c-section done do you still bleed for weeks after you have the many weeks? and how many weeks do you have to wait to have sex if you have a c-section?
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Yes you still bleed, and you bleed for the same amount of time if you have a vaginal birth. I believe that you should still wait the 6 week just like a vaginal birth. You are having a major surgery when you have a c-section.
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  • I love my baby boy!! answered 5 years ago
    Yes you still have bleeding. But the good thing is that it wont last as long. Cuz while they're in there they will clean you out. I think my bleeding lasted like 3 or 4 weeks. As far as sex they recommend at least 6 weeks but hey if you feel up to it I would go for it. Just go slow though!!
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  • truckerswife1979379 answered 5 years ago
    i had a c section 1/3/09 and my vaginal bleeding only lasted like a week and it was like an extremely light period. i'm guessing, like everything that the amount of bleeding and time varies from person to person. i waited two weeks after my c section to have sex, but you have to take it easy and be careful of the incision,
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  • sailing answered 5 years ago
    yes the afterbirth(blood) has to come out somehow. you went 9 months with no period and it has to come out. you should only bleed for 2 weeks and then have your period at around week 4.
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  • Sheryl B answered 5 years ago
    You still have some vaginal bleeding after a c-section, but no where near as much, more like a light to moderate period and it usually lasts for no more that 2 weeks. The gerenal rule for sex after having a baby is not for the first 6 weeks, but some doctors say 4 weeks for a c-section.


    I am a L&D nurse of 9 years and had a c-section 12/5/08
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  • 3Lil'Monkeys answered 5 years ago
    yes u do i bleed for 3 weeks after my csection,
    my doctor told me 6 weeks wait to have sex but i did it at four
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