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Any suggestions on a 6-day itinerary to Yellowstone Park? Places to stay, best route, etc..?

I will be coming from Salt Lake City and will be entering the park through the west entrance.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yellowstone National Park is large and seeing it involves much driving. You'll have to return to your "home base" each night but I think that's better than packing up and moving every couple of days. You should split the park into sections and visit one section per day. Following is a suggested itinerary. You can use it as a guide in deciding how you want to see the park in the number of days you have available.

    First of all I suggest you download the "park map with detail" from the following web page in PDF format and study it to familiarize yourself with the park.

    Also, download the map of Grand Teton NP.

    Day 1: The Geysers & Hot Springs

    Firehole Canyon Drive

    Lower Geyser Basin

    Firehole Lake Drive

    Midway Geyser Basin

    Upper Geyser Basin (Old Faithful)

    Day 2: Grand Teton NP

    Biscuit Basin, Yellowstone

    Blacksand Basin, Yellowtone

    Grand Teton National Park

    Coulter Bay Visitor Center

    Jackson Lake Lodge

    Signal Mountain

    Jenny Lake

    Day 3: Yellowstone Lake / Hayden Valley

    West Thumb Geyser Basin

    Bridge Bay - boat tour

    Lake Village

    Mud Volcano

    Sulphur Caldron

    Hayden Valley (look for wildlife)

    Canyon Village Visitor Center

    Upper and Lower Yellowstone Falls (time permitting)

    Day 4: North Loop

    Norris Geyser Basin

    Virginia Cascade

    Upper and Lower Yellowstone Falls (if you missed all or part of it from the previous day)

    Mt Washburn (if Dunraven Pass has been plowed open)

    Tower Fall

    Petrified Tree

    Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces

    Obsidian Cliff

    If Dunraven Pass is still closed you will have to get to it via Mammoth Hot Springs. Or, you can skip it because it's a long way to go for one of the lesser attractions in Yellowstone. You can also skip the Petrified Tree because it pales in comparison to Petrified Forest National Park.

    Day 5: Gallatin River

    Paddle & Saddle -

    The horseback ride is more of a novelty for those that don't get to go horseback riding very often, like me. On the other hand, the whitewater rafting on the Gallatin River is fantastic. This is not a "float" down a lazy river. This is whitewater, especially in May during the spring melt. The Paddle & Saddle includes a half day horseback ride followed by a the Classic Half Day on the Gallatin. Or, you can skip the horseback ride and take the Classic Full Day on the Gallatin. You'll have to wear wet suits, neoprene booties and helmets because of the cold water and rocks. Great fun - highly recommended.

    Lodging - I've stayed at Mammoth, Canyon Village and most recently West Yellowstone. I don't care to stay near Old Faithful because of the huge crowds there. I didn't care much for Mammoth Hot Springs either. If I'm staying in the park I prefer to stay at Canyon Village. However, on my last trip to Yellowstone I stayed in West Yellowstone and found that to be more convenient than any of the facilities in the park. I like the wide selection of eating places, the large number of shops in town, easy access to a number of gas stations, the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center and proximity to the Gallatin River.

    One last note, take heed of wildlife warnings. The animals may appear to be docile but they are wild and can charge at any time. This is especially true if you invade their space by getting too close or surrounding them. Be safe and have fun.

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    nice drive... we stayed in cody wy for the night and drove to yellowstone the next day ... that is a great route!! if you ahve the time before you go to yelloewstone we spent the day and night near Mt. Rushmore.. if you have some time make sure you visit Deadwood and Custers Last Stand

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