Moving out of state.... HELP!?

Okay, in about a month, I'm moving from one state to another that is literally 1000 miles away. What would be the best way to transport all of my belongings from point A to point B? Keep in mind that I'm talking about an entire house-full of furniture; couches, entertainment centers, beds, TVs and such. I also have a pet and a vehicle to get there as well. I apologize if this seems like a stupid question, but I have never had to move further than an hour away.

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    You have several choices, depending on how much you want to spend and how much labor you want to do yourself.

    You can hire a moving company that will pack and move your belongings. Most of them will give you and estimate, but they actually charge you by the weight of the total load. The advantages are that you do not have to pack, load the furniture or drive the truck, The disadvantages are you are not sure of the cost, but this will always be the most expensive choice.

    You can use a trailer / pod drop- move service such as Upack or Pods

    With this option, a pod or trailer is delivered to your current home, you pack it yourself, and call for them to pick it up. They deliver it to your new home, where you unpack it. When unloaded, you call and they pick up the container.

    With either of these two options you can drive your vehicle and transport you pet in the car. You may want to make hotel reservations for the trip, to be sure that the pet is allowed.

    Option three is to rent a moving truck from Penske, U-haul or Budget. Depending on your vehicle, you may be able to tow it behind the truck using a tow dolly or car trailer, which also can be rented. You can bring your pet with you in the truck, you would again need to make hotel reservations to be sure that the pet is allowed and that truck parking is available. You would have all your stuff with you, so you would not be waiting for it at your new home, Again you would have to pack and load and unload the truck yourself, unless you hired help. Some moving companies will offer packing and load/ unload services without doing the actual transportation.

    A few hints:

    Pack the beds and bedding last. When you arrive at your new home late, you want to be able to set up the beds and sleep, and unload the rest in the morning.

    Pack linens, towels and personal hygene items with the beds.You want to be able to shower and clean up. Toilet tissue is an important, but often forgotten item.

    If moving dressers full of clothing, remove the drawers, load the dresser on the truck, and put the full drawers back in. Put the drawers facing a wall or other solid item. Reverse this at the new house. Remove the drawers, carry them to the room where you are putting the dresser, then bring in the dresser and install the drawers.

    If you are towing your vehicle, you can put some items in the vehicle rather than in the truck. Put your suitcase in the vehicle so that you have easy access when you stop. A 1000 mile trip will mean that you are going to have to spend at least one night, and maybe two, on the road traveling.

    Hope this helps

    If you said where you were moving to and from, I may have been able to give some more specific suggestions.

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    Rent a U-haul or a Ryder truck..............go to a local Home Depot and enlist the aid of two illegal immigrants to load up the truck for you (they'll probably do it for $75 each) your destination, stop off at another Home Depot and pick up two more illegals, so they can unload the truck for you...........See, you'll have your truck loaded and loaded for about $300, a case of Corona, and a bunch of burritos from Taco Bell..........have fun

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