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zlosnica_13 asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

ADA dog owner wont clean up after the dog, what do I do?

He is capable of living alone, and taking the dog out for walks, but yet he refuses to pick up after the dog. Condo owner sends him notices but can't evict him because its an ADA and it would mean a big lawsuit, but I cant live on a property full of dog poop, where do I go and what do I do?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    He is required to make sure the feces are cleaned up on a timely basis. Whether he is able to do it himself or, if his disability prevents it, whether he hires someone to do it for him on a weekly or bi-weekly basis it still has to get picked up.

    If I were dealing with this issue I would have a talk with the condo owner who should suggest the dog owner (I'm assuming a Service Dog) limit his dog's elimination to one small area. Any dog can be trained to "go" in a 6x6 ft area - this would make it easier for whoever is supposed to clean up after the dog to find it AND would limit the number of places you have to deal with.

    If that doesn't work - I suggest you call animal control and present them with a videotape of the continued offenses.

    Interestingly enough, I was involved in a case where a small breed service dog owner was being accused of not picking up after her dog. She was insistant that she ALWAYS did... videotape proved that the culprit was geese from a nearby pond coming to graze on the grass of the apartment's common area/lawn.

  • 1 decade ago

    Make him miserable so he will want to move. Put his dog doo on his steps. Call him dirtbag or worse every time you see him. Place booby traps in his path. Complain to authorities, even if the complaints are bogus. Call animal control about cleaning up after his dog. Tell animal welfare he is abusing the dog. Call the power company, cable TV and water departments and cancel his accounts. Make the calls from an untraceable prepaid cell phone. Put dead fish in his car. Revenge can be fun.

    Complain to the condo owner's association. They can evict him and he will lose if he sues. ADA does not relieve him of responsibilities. It only guarantees that he will not be discriminated against because of his disability.

  • Alysa
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    My next step is to go the police? I know here in Maine is is a law. You have to clean up your dog's waste! If you don't you get a big fine. =). I think it's nasty and very unhealthy for the people living in the apartment complex. It's his repsonsibility. I don't care if he's an ADA.

    That's what I would do. Good luck and I hope this situation ger resolved.

  • 5 years ago

    properly, it rather is not advantageous in any respect! Any considerate canines proprietor will p.c.. up their canines's poops each and every time achievable. i'm questioning that possibly your HOA can step in and cope with it in case you modern your case to them on the subsequent HOA assembly. on the grounds which you have cameras put in, you have evidential evidence of specific people no longer choosing up after their canines, that's a crime in many things of the rustic. As a canines proprietor i can inform you that there have admittedly been some "emergency" circumstances the place for some reason or yet another i replaced into caught without bag and that i had no wrong thank you to p.c.. it up, and that i've got consistently felt so noticeably to blame while that happens, yet I assure you that i might never in basic terms leave my canines's poop on somebody's inner maximum backyard. Psychologically speaking, however (on the grounds that it rather is the Psychology area), do you think of that some misanthropic pals purposely seek for out your backyard as a poo aim for the categorical reason of your warning signs and cameras? in specific circumstances, each and every person is tempted to purposely defy warning signs by potential of doing precisely the different of what the indications ask. it rather is quite genuine in case you reside in an area with multiple little ones and youths, or in case you in basic terms have some stressful neighbor who thinks your warning signs are an eyesore and is attempting to make a ingredient, in an exceptionally infantile way.

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  • what i would do to piss him off and that will modivate him is go and get a bag of any sort and put the dogs poop right were he can smell it at all times, that will drive him nuts. if that dont work that report him and just tell who ever you call that this is somthing that is a disturbance to everyone else and that you just want them to threatin to take his dog away if he dont start pickin the dogs poop up

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    talk to the condo owner, and the town health official.

    he may not be required to pick it up because of his disability, but i'm fairly certain that SOMEONE has to be held responsible for it.

  • 1 decade ago

    Ask him yourself (nicely, of course) If he would please pick up after his dog. Give him a roll of poo-bags to carry with him. If all else fails, contact the city Code Compliance Office or similar in your area.

    good luck

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Put it in a bag and light it on fire at his doorstep. 4 days of flaming dog poo and he'll get the idea to clean it up.

  • Aduial
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    I would suggest talking to your neighbor face to face. Explain that it's a community and he's abusing it.

  • 1 decade ago

    Ask him to please pick it up, you are obliged to walk past his dog's feces. If he doesn't go with answer 1.

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