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Where can I order Adipex online? I do have a prescription....?

I have been to the doctor twice and he's written me a prescription for Adipex.....but I really don't want to have to keep shelling out $60 just to go to the doctor and get the prescription and then another $40 for the prescription. Is there a way I can order them online?


I'm just looking for a cheaper way....I'm having to spend about $100 to pay to see the doctor and then pay for the actual there a way to get more than one month's supply over the internet? Even if the doctor only writes me a prescription for one month's dose?

Update 2:

I'm mainly wanting to skip having to pay the doctor each month!!

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    Please stick with your doctor unless you want to get scammed..

    It was possible to get phentermine online a few years ago, but those times are long gone!

    Please read about online phentermine scams before you send your credit card details to anyone

    Simply there is no more RELIABLE source selling phentermine online .. there are scammers selling you fake herbals or just fake and even

    DANGEROUS stuff.. (or the most common.. your cc gets charged and you get nothing in return as there is no.. I repeat.. there is NO RELIABLE place online to get phen anymore.. there were a few some years ago like Custom HRT(out of business) but not anymore....

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    Source(s): Get 24/7 Physician Consultations :
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    Buy legal adipex (phentermine) online

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