Is weight loss tablets helpful to reduce fat?

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I want to reduce my fat from tummy, chicks, neck, leg, shoulders. So i want to know that, Is the "Weight Loss Tablets" can reduce the far without any side effect. If yes more
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  • Madhu answered 5 years ago
Weight loss tablets will do not reduce fat. Acquirence of much tablets leads to poor health. Eating junk foods and cakes like substances should be reduced . We should maintain proper walking in early morning and night. If u follow these you can reduce fat in all parts of u'r

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Thanks Madhu, to remind me to do exercise an avoid junk food, and don't use weight loss tablets.

Thanks Bye....
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  • pbat answered 5 years ago
    Hey i don't know if you really care but when i want to lose a weight class for boxing i bust out my secret formula i lose weight without losing muscle and get more stamina i really get the most out of my exercises.

    Have you ever heard of Omega-3, 6 and 9 oils. It's not only good for you, but many world class athletes drink it while training because it's so loaded with nutrients it helps increase metabolism,fat oxidation and increase energy and much more you have to check this out.

    Well i get my stuff for

    Its the best if came across for my exercises.

    Well i hope this really helped you out.
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  • Timothy C answered 5 years ago
    The simple answer is no they don't work. Watch out for people with affiliate links in their answers. They are just trying to sell you something.

    The only real way to lose weight (no matter what anyone tells you is to reduce calorie intake or increase calorie burn or both.

    This can be achieved by diet or excersise or both.

    I saw a study recently that compared different diets - Atkins, Grapefruit etc and the result was that thet ALL WORK. That is because of what I said above.

    So don't waste your money on pills. Watch what you eat and try to increase your activity level.


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  • prabodh hota answered 5 years ago
    Do not get tricked by all the ads.All the weight loss tablets are basically diuretics, i.e, they dehydrate you and reduce the water content of your body. After you stop taking the tablets, the weight bounces back. Some other medicines supress your appetite. Both are seriously harmful to health.
    Weight is a function of input and output. Either, you reduce the input, that is avoid junk food,go on a diet etc or increase output, that is do exercise and burn calorie .The best thing is to both.
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  • ashish answered 5 years ago
    please do kapalbhati pranayam as suggested by baba Ramdev in Aastha channel for 120 minutes aily
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  • Aliahmad answered 5 years ago
    Yes, weight loss tablets are helpful to reduce fat. LA Muscle Fat Stripper tablets are effective to reduce fat.
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  • svpk answered 5 years ago
    To reduce fat is a brave idea, but the method you select should be a correct one, which doesn't cause harm to you. No tablets can do that for, so don't go that way! Once check your daily food intake and the amount of physical work you do( I mean compare). See if it is like reasonable or not. Accordingly, plan your diet and physical exercise. If you do not have time to do exercise in concern of your figure, then you can do many of the things by your body rather than with machines, ( Eg:use steps instead of lift, etc..) And also if can, eat raw vegeatables instead of cooked. That don't cantain fat. Finally I say, this can act as a healthy way to reduce body fat! :-) good luck.
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  • Saint Kabir answered 5 years ago
    Temporarily yes.
    Permanent solution is food and excercise.

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  • Big Ed answered 5 years ago
    Repeat after me. Gimmicks don't work.

    Weight loss tablets not only don't work, they can be very dangerous to your health. Remember fen-fen and ephidren? Why are they no longer available, because they killed people.

    A sensible diet and exercise are the ONLY way to reduce fat safely.
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