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Anonymous asked in 商業及金融稅金香港 · 1 decade ago

take the MPF after破產期內

i take the mpf after 破產期內, How to do to solve the problem, Thanks


The total amount about 100K, i did not have income on this year. i can use this money to afford my life on this year,including the rental and daily use.

Update 2:

i already to take the total MPFnow, so how to solve this?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    According to the MPF regulation, all the MPF money can't be taken out even you are bankcrupt.

    However, there are circumstances under which accrued benefits may be paid before reaching the age of 65. They are:

    early retirement at the age 60; or

    permanent departure from Hong Kong; or

    total incapacity; or

    death (note that the MPF will be regarded as part of the member's estate and can be claimed by the personal representative of estate); or

    small balance account of less than $5,000, no contributions made to a scheme for 12 months, and declared not to become employed or self-employed within the foreseeable future.

    If u match one of the above condition, u can get back the money.

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