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請語文高手幫幫我~很急~04/18截止 20點








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    Your excellence, evaluators and predecessors here,

    My name is @@@, born in Taichung, Taiwan. My father is a financial employee while my mother works in the government( as a public servant). During the tenth grade of senior high, I'd got the certificate of software application; and by the time of eleventh grade, I'd decided to travel and study around American and Europe, to improve my linguistic ability.

    I'm a graduate of the Department of Financial & Economic Law; and about my participation in student organizations, I was a head of one section inside our student council and also a member of the law service club; besides, I played a role with my classmates in our undergraduate public performance of the student court.

    The incitement to persuade me most to apply for a job inside the Travel Service Center is the following. It was my eleventh grade, and I took a tour aboard to study, of course, schedule around American and Europe. Everybody knows that, once you step aboard, traveling will become an addiction itself, which(is) too hard to admonish. I enjoyed wholeheartedly, therefore, the process of beforehand preparation, about all my domestic or overseas journeys thereafter, and needless to say, experienced those generous aids from the Travel Service Center all the time. As a result, I comprehend thoughtfully now, the importance of its existence in Taiwan--(the) Travel Service Center represents the first impression of our country. And I wish, someday, that I can let people understand how Taiwan, my homeland, is beautiful.

    Applying for a job here is my utmost will, that I can help those friends in need, like me, as a return. I'll appreciate and try my best to do this job , besides, I really like and need it. And, hope that your excellence could offer me this opportunity to serve in this center(, with you), thank you!

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