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Exporting and Growth for Small Businesses

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Morgan Motors is one of the iconic small businesses of the United Kingdom. The company has been making its classic sports cars since the 1909. Today some 150 employees each year build up to 700 cars, which sell for $40,000 to $100,000. However, Morgan’s niche is so small that it could not survive if it did not export. Today some 70 percent of its production is shipped overseas, primarily to the United States and Europe. Plus, the modern Morgan car, -although looking every bit the British sports car, contains major components that are -imported from foreign manufacturers, such as engines from BMW and components for antilock braking systems from Bosch. For Morgan, exporting and importing represent the very lifeblood of the company.

Morgan is not alone. Many other small businesses have found that exports can drive growth. In another success story, Wadia, a Michigan-based manufacturer of high-end -premium-priced compact disc players, has annual sales of $8 million and gets some 70 to 80 percent of its sales from overseas. About 35 percent comes from Asia, with both Japan and China accounting for as much as 15 percent of sales volume in any one year. Like Morgan, Wadia’s high-end product is so specialized that it could not survive on sales in its home country alone.



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    摩根汽車公司是一個標誌性的小企業聯合王國。該公司一直在其經典跑車自1909年。今天,大約150名員工,每年建立700輛,其中售價為四點零零零萬美元以$ 100000 。然而,摩根士丹利的專長是如此之小,它可能無法生存,如果它沒有出口。今天,一些百分之七十的生產發運海外,主要是美國和歐洲。此外,摩根士丹利的現代汽車, ,雖然期待每個位的英國跑車,包含主要組成部分是,製造商從國外進口,如發動機由寶馬和組件的防抱死制動系統,博世。摩根,出口和進口代表非常命脈的公司。



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