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Does This Poem Make Sense To You?

Someone wrote a poem and asked me what I thought about it, and because I said it didn't really make sense and was not proper English. He told me MY English was bad and that the poem was in proper English. So here is the poem:

"Heart Breaking

Don’t warn me chatting

When I want you matting

My heart’s beating for you

Stop seeking others’ dating

Appear before me now

For worship, I’m waiting

Don’t blame me for love

I don’t want rough rating

My heart’s for you to play

Keep on it, if you like skating

Wish you have had a heart

You avoid heart breaking

S. A. A. Zahid

From Mansehra Hazara


Does that seem like proper English to you?Some


Cancel out the "some" on the bottom

Update 2:

Yes I am aware that I posted this question twice. I posted in the wrong category the first time.

Update 3:

Manny I'm being serious

Update 4:

Yeah he did. because I said it doesn't really make sense, he told me my English was bad and that he was going to kick me.

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    STILL doesn't make sense!

    He kicks you, I kick his

  • It shows a familiarity with the English language, and states that he is comfortable enough with the foreign language to skip some of the rules. But no, it doesn't seem like proper English.

    The first stanza is confusing because chatting, matting and dating; looking for the correct pronunciation is odd; when you read stanza two, then you can see the correct pattern and remove the first line is the rhyme scheme.

    The poem sounds as if he has a crush on you; I don't believe that it can be more than that when you haven't met. He wants to hook up as soon as he can with you.

    If you live in different parts of the world that make it impossible to meet, I'd keep it that way. In other words, I personally don't care for such judgmental people, so I wouldn't want to meet him. You decide for yourself. t

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    this is not a bad effort at all from a vagina, or did i miss something? the "wish you have had a heart" passage had quite a bit of interesting imagery and emotional impact.

    also, from what i understand, serabi's english is proper, however, her thrusting style leaves a lot to be desired. luv ya, babydoll!!! (-8

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    poems don't always have to make sense or need to be proper english and i suppose it makes sense to him!! he does fancy someone? thats for sure!

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  • Well, if he said he's gonna kick you

    I'd ball that poem right up

    and chuck it at him... virtually,

    I guess.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Not only does it not make sense

    but its boring as a floppy sack

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    What the F***. I just don't get it. It doesn't make any sense to me. Rhyme and tense are mixed. Verbiage is wrong, doesn't flow.

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    Angry poet writing in a language which is not his native tongue.


    Poetry is often difficult to understand.

    Study in depth or get over it -- your choice


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    I think that by "matting," he means "mating."

    Yeah, it makes sense, but it doesn't really flow.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you can never get any sense from it

    but remember it

    time will come and you will have to study it

    just remember it

    it makes sense to me and my loved one

    that's enough

    you ppl just say so as i m from Pakistan

    and you know this

    it makes me great sense

    and you really need to know English

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