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lots of questions involving sweat and body temp.?

okay so i have some issues. i am always burning hot even when it is cold and i sweat a lot regaurdless of being cold or not. i have night sweats and when i am at school i wear big black tee's with big black jackets the sweating is so outrageous! i went to the doctor and he said there is nothing wrong with me. i got my thyroid checked and it was normal. they wont give me anything so i am looking for a home remedy to fix this. i would love to wear colored shirts. i am also to the point of wanting to quit my job because my sweat goes through my shirt. please help me idk what to do anymore but cry =[

by the way i am 17 5'3" healthy weight range i don't smoke and i don't drink. HELP =(

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  • 1 decade ago
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    it seems that you may have what is called hyperhidrosis which is the condition of excessive sweating. you said you have had your thyroid checked but maybe try getting you pituitary gland checked as well. there are quite a few things that can cause hyperhidrosis, so my recomendaton is to look it up as in order for me to tell you everything it would be faster and better written out for you on say wikipedia or webmd.

    like i said there are numerous things that can cause it and the process of elimination is probablt the way you will have to go to find the cause and treat it.

  • 1 decade ago

    Hopefully, you can find better doctors. Try to find a gyn who knows a lot about hormones. Or an endocrinologist. It doesn't begin and end with the thyroid. Temperature regulation and hormones can be very complex. Unfortunately, it is too easy for doctors to blow you off after they look at the first couple of obvious things, and your health isn't directly threatened.

    Also, there are prescription antiperspirants. Try hard not to let the doc push you out of the office quickly, with no answers.

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