ROMEO AND JULIET. due tomorrow.. help.?

Is Romeo a Montague and Juliet a Capulet or the other way around?

What are some Characteristics for Juliet ONLY ?

Who does Juliet live with and where does she live?

What is the main problem in the play?

( i dont understand anything so i really have no clue )

More details on the family fued... and the rivelry...and their love for each other.

I will put allll of your words into my own. im not that stupid i just need help.

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    I don't mind helping you out, but it hurts my heart to just give out the answers because I love Shakespeare so much. So I'm just going to try to help you understand better and keep my fingers crossed that you will still go back and read it again once I've gotten you started! (Have you tried watching one of the movie versions? It helps. I like the Leonardo Dicaprio one.)

    1. Romeo is a Montague and Juliet is a Capulet.

    2. Juliet is a young woman trying to find her place in the world. She's only 13 and Count Paris already wants to marry her. She wants to please her family but she also wants to follow her heart.

    3. The main problem of the play is that Romeo and Juliet are in love but their families are sworn enemies. They can't bare to be apart but they know that everyone will be fighting against them being together.

    4. Romeo sneaks into a ball that Juliet's family is holding and that is where they meet. They fall in love pretty much instantly and decide to get married. Their families don't know anything about this, but Juliet's cousin Tybalt does know that Romeo crashed the party. He's mad about that so he challenges Romeo to a duel. Romeo refuses to fight him because he considers Tybalt to be family now. Fed up with the insults, Romeo's friend Mercutio decides to fight Tybalt instead on Romeo's behalf. Tybalt kills Mercutio and so Romeo goes crazy with revenge and kills Tybalt. Because he killed Tybalt, Romeo is banished. In order to be with Romeo, Juliet comes up with a plan (along with the friar who married them) to pretend to be dead. She takes a poison that makes her fall into a deep sleep that looks like death. The friar tries to send a message to Romeo that she is not really dead so he can come and collect her and they can run away together. The tragic ending is that Romeo never gets that message. Instead he believes she is truly dead, and kills himself by drinking poison right over her "dead" body. She wakes up, sees his dead body and stabs herself so that she can be with him forever in the after life. After awhile the two families discover the bodies and figure out what happened. They regret their stupid feud but it is too late.

    It's a great story if you can get into it.

    Source(s): I'm an english major in college and a big Shakespeare fan
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    Romeo - Montague

    Juliet - Capulet - lives with her parents (barely turns fourteen in the


    Juliet - quick to fall in love, forgiving(remember romeo murders her


    Main Problem - The Capulets and Montagues have been in a feud for as long as anyone can remember, since the lovers are from opposing family's this obviuosly creates immense friction that leads to the deaths of five people (I'm pretty sure it's five or six).

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    Romeo - Montague Juliet - Capulet - lives together with her mothers and fathers (somewhat turns fourteen contained in the play) Juliet - rapid to fall in love, forgiving(bear in mind romeo murders her cousin) considerable issue - The Capulets and Montagues have been in a feud for as long as all and sundry can bear in mind, through fact the fanatics are from opposing relatives's this obviuosly creates extensive friction that finally ends up contained in the deaths of 5 people (i'm exceedingly specific it rather is 5 - 6).

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    I don't remember the story too much, but I will do my best to help you. It's been a long time since I read the story.

    You are right about the last names. Romeo Montague, Juliet Capulet.

    I don't remember where Juliet lived but she lived with her parents and her nurse.

    The main problem was the fact that the two families were feuding and they were constantly fighting and making one another's lives miserable.

    Tybalt is one of the main arch enemies of the Capulets. he is Juliets cousin. Tybalt ends up killing Romeo's best friend Mercutio, Romeo and Tybalt get into it and Romeo ends up killing Tybalt which completely breaks Juliet's heart, but she still loves Romeo and still wants to be with him.

    Romeo and Juliet do all they can to see one another, they sneak out to see one another.

    At the beginning Romeo is actually after a girl named Rosalyn and then when he sneaks into the Capulet party he sees Juliet and changes his mind

    Juliet goes to the Father of the church. He fixes her up with poison so that she can fake her death so that she can get together with Romeo.

    Romeo is told that Juliet is dead when he was supposed to be told that she is in a deep sleep. He goes to where her body is, drinks poison that kills him, she wakes up shortly after he drank it and kills herself with his sword. Their death brings the family together because they realize that if it wasn't for their fighting then this would've never happened.

    I hope this helps you a little bit. Sorry I couldn't do more.

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    Romeo is a Montague.

    Juliet is a Capulet.

    Juliet is naive, innocent, passionate, and smitten by Romeo, she is also defiant against her father towards the end, and determined.

    The problem is that Romeo and Juliet love each other but cannot be together because there families hate each other.

    The feud is never really explained, the families just don't like each other. But in the end when Romeo and Juliet die the two families make peace and become friends. They promise to honor the two youngster's by keeping them in the family like grave room thing with each other and the Montague's (Romeo's family) promised to put up a statue of Juliet.

    Source(s): I just took a test on Romeo and Juliet a few weeks ago.
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    Romeo is a Montague

    Juliet is a Capulet

    Juliet is I think 13

    young, beautifull, smart. Basically what you think about any girl you like.

    Juliet lives with her father and mother in the Capulet mansion. She is taking care of by her maid(look through the book to find out names).

    I don't remember what the fued was about in the begining, but later Romeo kills juliets cousin during one of the fights. This sparks an all out war between the two houses.

    Their love prevails but then her father has her pre-engaged to Paris. She doesn't want that so she drinks the poison and is put into a death like sleep. She's then put into the family's tome where Romeo comes to see her. He meets Paris there and kills him. Romeo she's Juliet and thinks she's dead cause he did not receive the letter from the Fryer(or whatever he was called) explaining what has happened. So Romeo so heart broken thinking she's dead kills himself with poison. She wakes up and sees what has happened. Kisses him to try to get some poison herself and when she can't she stabs herself.

    Try to fill in the rest you lazy bum.

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    Lol. You should've read the play, Holmes.

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