What exactly does IG do?

I mean, what action do they take and how long does it take before they do something?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Depends on the situation.

    What types of complaints are NOT IG appropriate?

    The following issues and allegations are ordinarily not appropriate for IG intervention:

    - Criminal allegations

    - Issues that have other means of redress (If the appropriate redress procedures were

    used, IGs will advise complainants that IG involvement focuses on ensuring that the

    complainant received due process and the protection of rights as intended by law

    and regulation)

    - Courts-martial actions

    - Nonjudicial punishment

    - Officer evaluation reports

    - NCO evaluation reports

    - Enlisted reductions

    - Type of discharge received

    - Pending or requested discharge

    - Complaints that a commanding officer has wronged a soldier

    - Financial liability investigations of property loss

    - Relief for cause

    - Adverse information filed in personnel records (except for allegations of reprisal)

    - Claims

    - The issue is not Army related

    - Soldier EO complaints

    - Civilian allegations of reprisals

    - Department of Defense civilian employee redress through other channels

    - Hazardous work conditions

    - Equal Employment Opportunity

    - Collective bargaining agreements

    - Appeals of adverse actions within the purview of 5 USC 7701-7703

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