My math class is doing rotations and i dont understand them!?

How do you do a rotation!?!? the problem says Copy pentagon BCDEF (its a regular pentagon) then rotate it 110 degrees counterclockwise about point R. How do you do this!? Im so lost with all this!? THANK YOU!!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    A rotation is exactly what it sounds like . . . a rotation. Think of it this way. Imagine the figure laying on a table (drawn on a large sheet of paper). Put a nail through the point R and spin the page around the nail. You have just rotated around the point R!

    The directions are pretty straightforward . . . clockwise is the direction the hands of a clock move in. If you don't know that direction, shame on you! But there is another way to know it. Clockwise is the direction you must turn bottle caps (bolts too) to tighten them. Counterclockwise is the opposite direction.

    Now, there are a couple of ways to draw a rotation. One is to draw the line from the point R to one of the vertices of the polygon, measure the correct angle with a protractor (remember to go in the proper direction), draw a line, and use a compass to find the same distance on the new line. Maybe that's hard to visualize by reading, but it isn't hard.

    Some problems will require no drawing. Like, for example, if R was the center of a square and the rotation was 90 degrees, you'd know the figure would essentially be the same (with different letters at each vertex).

    If you're still confused after reading this, ask your teacher. That's what she's there for. Good luck!

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