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Should the US use extreme force in response for grenades anad automatic weapons used agianst US ships?

The pirates promised to murder US and French sailors and they are trying to keep their word.


(CNN) -- The Liberty Sun, a U.S.-flagged cargo ship bound for Mombasa, Kenya, was attacked Tuesday by Somali pirates, according to a NATO source with direct knowledge of the matter.

"The pirates fired rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapons at the vessel, which sustained damage," said a statement from New York-based Liberty Maritime Corporation, which owns the vessel.

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    Game over! We can't let another US flag ship be taken. Just like airliners before 9/11. Procedures were to give them what they want and go unharmed. Now no airliner hijacker could get away with it because the passengers know they must kill the hijacker or die themselves. So to the ships crew know they will be murdered if they don't stop the boarding or kill who ever makes to the deck.

    Obama has upped the ante and had better back it up with continuous force. There is no backing down.

    Find the big guy on land. He is getting the money the guys on the rubber boats are getting peanuts. Kill the Sudanese "government" official or warlord that is getting the wire transfers!

    Source(s): FORGET THE UN OR NATO! We are alone in the leadership role.
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    YES....we should. If we are attacked then there should be NO hesitation to attack back.

    Although the US has used strength to get them released and the somilians are dead...at least three of them are. GOOD...we stood up to someone again. I thought we would go back to the early 60's again while we allowed people to hijack and kill us and we sat back and said...Oh well.....

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    It is a tough situation, remember black hawk down????But we should if we can keep our men reasonably safer.

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