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What's sexy for you?Give me a definition.?

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    my definition of sexy: (more or so a list of sexy things)

    1.) it is very sexy for a girl to be completely naked while still wearing socks, underwear, and glasses ;) (not fat ugly girls though)

    2.) it is also sexy for a girl to listen to good music and play cool instruments.

    3.) i'm strangely attracted to a girl eating any kinds of noodles....

    4.) smiling, growling, and beauty marks are all very sexy things :D

    5.) it is also pretty sexy for a girl to drop something on "accident" in front of me and bending over and saying "whoops" in a slightly seductive manner....then falling forward because of loss of balance.

    6.) it is very sexy for a girl to be able to cook very good food.

    so my ultimate sexual fantasy is: a girl cooking me noodles when she is completely naked in her socks, underwear, and glasses and growling and smiling, while listening to all my favorite indie music :)))). then before we eat she serenades me with a beautiful kazoo song she made for me. then we eat the noodles.....and do it. :D

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    When someone is able to Bring Sexy Back.. that is Sexy

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    sexy is hard to describe as everyone has their own definations ..but for me i find it sexy when a girl :

    has nice personality

    has shorter hairstyle

    is beautiful

    long sexy legs

    funny ,sweet

    caring loving


  • ~Alex~
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    My boyfriend when he first comes out of the shower in only a towel ;)

    Source(s): Turns me on every time.
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    My girl in a baby blue babydoll nighty!

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    Confident, arousing, altogether beauty (if that makes sense).

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    Confidence, chocolate, danger...The usual ;)

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