I am worried about getting my cat fixed?

I have a black short hair male cat named Jiji. He is close to a year and I am going to be getting him fixed very shortly, along with 2 of his siblings(they are my younger sisters).

I know there is a low chance of him not making it, I am not to worried because it is only 1/2-1% and I have good faith in my vet to do it right.

What I am worried about it infection. We live in the country and he is pretty much out doors. If course he has a warm garage and two sheds to go in if he wants but I am still worried about it. My mom has very bad allergies so he can't come in the house while he is healing.

Any tips on how to make sure he doesn't get infected? I also heard they can get swollen and sore down there after.

Also, how long does it take for them to heal? I have never got a cat fixed before this.

Thanks for any tips you can give me!

Here he is if you want to see him!


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    He's a handsome cat.

    Most cats rarely have any problems after neutering and males tend to recover very quickly from the surgery. If you could confine Jiji to the shed or the garage for a day or so, this will help minimise any risk of infection and allow him to recover from the anaesthetic. Explain your situation to the vet, as he may decide to give Jiji a long lasting antibiotic injection as a preventative measure against infection. The vet will also be able to provide you with post operative care information.

    You might feel reassured to know that organisations which trap and neuter feral cats, release the males back to their colony on the same day as surgery because it's considered safe to do so.

    I'm sure your boy will be just fine.

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    1 decade ago

    Why do you wait till he was a year old to get him neutered? Are you aware that he could have reached sexual maturity as early as four months so for the past eight months he's been running around making unwanted litters?

    Yes - you do have to keep him indoors until the stitches heal. Otherwise dirt and debris can get in the stitches and the area can get infected. Do you not have one friend that could allow this cat in their home for about a week? And why do you have a cat in the first place if you force it to live like a wild animal outdoors? That's no life for a cat.

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    Can you shut the cats in the garage for a few days. Vehicles could be parked outside for a couple of days.The surgical glue idea is pretty good. I really think that is you can do this for 3-4 days you should be ok. You could also check with your vet.

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    Try to keep him inside for the first few days until the wound is closed. If this isn't possible just check for extreme redness and puss once a day. Cats are very good about keeping their wounds clean. Ask your vet about using surgical glue instead of regular sutures.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would explain this all to the vet. Since he will not be able to be indoors, they may recommend that you board him there for the first few days until his little scar is good and closed. They will be able to tell you how long it will take and also what to watch for as far as infection goes. Because you see him everyday you will be able to monitor his scar and look for the signs the vet tells you about.

    Good for you for getting them fixed! They will be happier and healthier!

    Cute pix!!! :)))

    Source(s): Have 3 cats - I worried about my boy kitty too when he had to have an emergency surgery. He did just fine! :)
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