What is a good topic to write for a sociology college class?

I have to write a paper on a problem of my choice. It has to be about a problem that has existed through two or more generations. I just want to find a topic that interests me enough to write 8 or pages. Any ideas?

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    Use what CW Mills calls the Sociological Imagination(web site 1) by:

    -choosing any topic that is creating an issue in your life right now or one that maybe isn't affecting your life but one that you have a wider social concern about.

    - work out and research what are the broader social circumstances that are involved in the social construction of fthis situation

    - trace the historical factors that have brought about this broader social situation.(again have a look at the CW Mills article to understand how to do this)

    Examples: (from CW Mills own paper - ref below- in which he discusses how develop a good sociological reserch questions)



    But it could equally be on something that seems to be much more personal:

    -problems with body image

    -not having enough money to buy text books

    -what kind of person do you want to become

    (nb: there is virtually no problem that does not go back through two or more generations You can use at least one paragraph to connect your own ,or some other, personal trouble with those of previous generations even if it takes some slightly different facet in 2009)

    In other words anything that is a personal trouble or concern can be a good sociology topic by connecting it to the broader societal issues and institutions, (economy, media, education, gender, family etc) and the historically based social construction of those issues.

    What do you feel good about?

    What do you feel bad about?

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  • 1 decade ago

    just pick a really broad sociological topic like how social class has developed over generations, how gender roles have developed, how the status and acceptance of ethnic minorities has changed over time. Hope this helps you out a bit. :) good luck with your presentation

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  • 1 decade ago

    How about inheritance customs in Eastern Central Europe (Austria, parts of Germany, Switzerland, Romania, etc) vs the tradition of the US, or first-born son vs equal inheritance for all, usually?

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