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Grey Pseudotropheus flavus?

i bought 4 flavus on line . they looked really colorful online . but when i received them they were just grey . i thought they were just stressed out but its been like a month and they are the same . when will they get their color back ??


60 gallon tank lots of rocks great filtration temp at 79 *

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    Got to consider tank size here. Typically males only show the coloring you are familiar with, but the tank size could cause aggression between a group of males to be so large, that no one male will show color, or you could have all females too, hard to say without knowing the tank size, and if you know what genders you have as well.

    You might also want to consider, how well do you know the seller too. If you really don't know this seller very well, there is a chance your stock could be hybrids.

    4 Flavus ONLY in the 60 gallon tank?

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