GSXR 750 Will not rev past 4K?

I have a 2001 Suzuki GSXR 750 that will not rev past 4K at WOT. I have cleaned out my tank as rust/dirt was in it. New plugs, a used but clean fuel pump, and a used ECU. I don't see any lights for codes on. If I have dirty injecots I have a place to send them, but what if it is a TPS? Do I have to have somebody install and calibrate it? Any help would be great.


Good call on the injectors. I plan on sending them to Pro Flow for a good inspection and cleaning. Anything else I should look at?

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    if dirt and rust were in the tank then every fuel component will need to be replaced. I know this is not what you want to hear but that is why so much is stressed on proper fuel storage as it can severly damage parts and even your motor. If you were going to hack it you will have to at lease replace the fuel filter, pump and injector crab(the injector crab cannot be cleaned without damage to injectors and will have to be replaced)

    P.S. injectors will not trigger a PCM code either and can be a *****. Best bet: Each injector is set to open and close for a designated amount of time. There is a tool to see if one or all are or arn't opening enough of at all.

    Hope this helps>

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