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What do is your take on the stanley cup playoffs this year?

I want to know who you think is going ot win the first round and second round and who is going to win it all. Give me all the rounds!

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    Bruins vs Montreal- Boston will take this in 6 games, Kessel is back and doesn't want the choke artist label Joe Thornton got back in the day, he's playing with a purpose

    Caps vs Rangers- Washington will overpower lundqvist and NY, with all of Washingtons offensive firepower they grab this one in 5 or 6

    NJ Devils vs Canes- Carolina lacks the offensive catalyst to keep up consistent scoring against Broduer, Parise and Gionta will gladly defeat Carolina in 5

    Flyers vs Pens- The first "upset", although 5 over is not mmuch of an upset, the Flyers have a few guys who show up in the playoffs including Daniel Briere, and ith the league's best offensive PK, Philadelia takes the series. Malkin & Co. will strech th series to seven games though.

    SJ Sharks vs Anaheim- SJ is the clear pick here, the one question mark though will be the effectiveness of both Giguere and Getzlaf, and if Getzlaf can throw anaheim on his back and drag the series to 7 like Ovechkin did last year in the first round, the Ducks have a shot as JSG is historically a game 7 goalie. That said, I think SJ in 6

    Detroit vs Columbus- Detroit is one of the most fundamentally sound teams in the NHL, not even a great offensive showing from Rick Nash will stop Detroit from winning this series in 5.

    Vancouver vs St Louis- I think this will be the only sweep of the first round, St. Louis coasted into the playoffs and Vancouver is peaking Luongo is dominating and the Sedins are playing well. Canucks in 4.

    Chicago vs Flames- The Blackhawks will ride their young legs and offensive prowess past Calgary, The Flames will not go down lightly though. Kane and Toews take the series in 7.

    Round 2:

    Boston vs. Flyers- The Bruins and the Flyers have had a nice little rivalry this year, each team being a thorn in the others side. Gagne, Carter and Lupul will play hard but ultimatelly, Boston's defense and experience will prevail. Bruins in 6.

    Caps vs. NJ Devils- Both sides are in for a hard fought battle, Martin Broduer will not go down lightly, but at the same time neither will Ovechkin, this series will go to 7 and it depends who shows up to play. My prediction: Washington (obviously in 7)

    SJ vs Chicago- This is one of the most uunpredictable matchups in the playoffs, Conventional Wisdom says San Jose tkes it, but Chicago has this vibe about them that says they can go off on anyone at anytime. Chicago rides their youth past SJ in 7.

    Detroit vs Vancouver- Detroit will continue their roll and fundamentally outplay Vancouver. Detroit in 5.

    Conference Finals

    Bruins vs Caps- What a series this would be, Washingon's offensive mastery, lead by the Alexes, against the defensive power of Chara and Julien. Washington took 3 of 4 from Boston this year, 1 in OT on Semin shot from the nuetral zone. In the end, good coaching wins, and Boston marches on after a hardfought seven game series.

    Detroit vs Chicago- The matchup of the Midwest, Chicago just beat Detroit Sunday, but Detroit won the regular season game that mattered most, the won at Wrigley. Neither team will want to lose (no one ever wants to lose, but you want it even less when your playing your own division). If Chicago rides a Cinderella Story this far, momentum, coupled with suspect goaltending on the other end, will carry them past this powerhouse in 7.


    Boston v. Chicago- NHL would love this one right, two original six teams, some of the NHLs biggest stars (Toews, Kane, Kessel, Chara) on the leagues biggest stage. This ultimately boils down to home ice advantage, Boston has the Defense, Chicago the offense, goaltending is about equal. Boston has the experience, Chicago has Youth. When it coems down to it, Boston will have the advantage at home with the rowdy Boston crowd. BBoston will snag the series in seven games to cap off an exciting year of playoff Hockey.

    Stanley CUp Champions- Boston Bruins

    Conn Smythe- Zdeno Chara

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    1st round: Sharks, Blues, Flames, Wings || Bruins, Hurricanes, Flyers, Caps

    2nd round: Sharks, Wings || Bruins, Caps

    3rd round: Wings || Caps

    Champions: Wings

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    San Jose

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