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Information on Texas cities?

We are looking to relocate (I'm from Chicago). We would love to hear some thoughts on Dallas, Austin, Corpus Christi, etc. We have children, and we are concerned about schools and crime, but would also love to be by the gulf (but it's not essential). Thanks so much!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i live in the suburbs north of dallas, and i love it here. i am a native texan, tho, so i may be biased! anyway, stay away from dallas independent school district. it is such a huge district, and the school board fights amongst themselves more than anything. frisco is one of the fastest growing cities right now, and their schools are excellent. most are new since the population has grown so fast around here. another good school district is in southlake, which is north of fort worth. southlake carroll (a specific high school) has one of the top ranked football teams in the country. i don't know much about austin or corpus christi. i have been to them on vacation, but the tourist stuff is all i know. if you do choose that area of the state, be prepared for humidity. it gets bad the closer you get to the gulf.

    Source(s): this is a vacation travel guide, but it will help you get a feel for the state as a whole. you really have a lot to choose from here, so you should be able to find something you like. happy hunting!
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