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1)上層水兜的水利用棉條不斷以細流水滴的方式引至下層的植物 。(利用了毛細管現像)



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    Have you ever forgotton or been to trips and failed to water the palnts at home and leaded to an“emergency”?

    Many plants cannot receive appropriate care due to their owners go for trips or some reason, in such a busy metropolis like Hong Kong. We needs to find out the important elements(air,sunlight,water) plants live on, and what method should we use to take care of the plants without anybody’s help.

    How to use“plantsitter”? Water of the above pot is aborbed with cotton strips and dripped to the below plants, in order to wet the soil. The spinning plate under the tray will follow the timer preset’s time to supply power, to ensure the plants can get light from all directions. The beside lamp generated by solar energy will also follow the natural sunlight’s strength to supply light.

    “Plantsitter”can be used at home, office and indoors. It is safe to go for a long trip or forget to take care of the plants with“plantsitter”! This is a brainstorming original piece of invention with low cost and practical. Hope you all like this one.

    The scientific thories used in this piece:

    1) Water of the above pot is aborbed with cotton strips and dripped to the below plants with capillary tube effects.

    2) Air pressure outside the bottle is bigger than inside the bottle, therefore the bottle will not pour out water once, but follow the water level of the pot and drips the water slowly

    3) Use closed circuit,when timer is swiched to the chosen range, power can be generated and form a whole curcuit, and spins the motor to generate the spinning plate.

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