What is the best printing method for mass printing of molded products?

I have to find a solution for mass printing of molded products such as molded cups, lunch box, trays and plates. I have checked on rotogravure and flexographic machines but I'm not very sure of the machines capability. Please help.

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    For mass production you probably would want to go with either pad printing or hot-stamping.

    Pad printing is done with a big rubber pad. The pad comes down on an inked pad covered by a sort of stencil, then on the product. The pad is flexible so you can print on a curved surface or even a very irregular surface like a golf ball or even a walnut. You can set up fixtures so that several colors can be printed in good registration, and they make very expensive, elaborate multi-stage machines that will do this for high-volume manufacturing. The pads come in all different shapes and sizes. Lots of coffee mugs, keychains, promotional stuff, are made this way.

    Hot stamping is similar. There is a die (I think it's called that) that heats up and pushes against a film with the ink on it. The ink melts and goes onto the product. The film is often on a long roll, so the process can be automated with the film advancing one stamp's worth each time.

    I am not the best at describing things like this. If you Google either of these you can read all about it.

    If the material is metal, or covered with metal, you could use laser engraving. Which happens to be what I do for a living. 8^)

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