What are some good alternative/indie love songs/bands?

I'm looking for some really good alternative/indie songs, preferably relevant to the topic of love, but mainly just similar to that of things by

Gregory and the Hawk,

the Meg and Dia Band,

Bright Eyes,

Elliot Smith,


City and Colour


Azure Ray etc

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    Okay, so I listen to a lot of indie music (rock/pop). I'm pretty bored, so here's a list of bands and their top two songs so that you can preview them before downloading/buying their music =) Most are similar to the ones you listed (I've heard of all but the first two you gave). Hopefully this is useful to you! I love recommending music ^_^

    Arcade Fire ("Intervention" & "Crown of Love")

    Aqualung ("The Lake" & "Brighter Than Sunshine")

    Band of Horses ("The Funeral" & "I Go To The Barn")

    Belle and Sebastian ("Piazza, New York Catcher" & "For The Price Of a Cup Of Tea")

    Blue October ("You Make Me Smile" & "Congratulations")

    Broken Social Scene ("Anthem For a Seventeen Year Old Girl")

    Chris Garneau ("Baby's Romance" & "Relief")

    Cocorosie ("Werewolf" & "Rainbowarriors")

    Cold War Kids ("Hospital Beds" & "Hang Me Up to Dry")

    Death Cab For Cutie ("I Will Follow You Into the Dark" & "Crooked Teeth")

    Eskimo Joe ("London Bombs" & "From the Sea")

    Frou Frou ("Must Be Dreaming" & "Let Go")

    Garbage ("Why Do You Love Me?" & "I'm Only Happy When it Rains")

    IAMX ("President" & "Missile")

    Imogen Heap ("Hide and Seek" & "Speeding Cars")

    Ingrid Michaelson ("Corner of Your Heart" & "Keep Breathing")

    Jay Brannan ("Unstable Boy" & "Lower My Gun")

    John Frusciante ("Omission" & "Second Walk")

    Kings of Leon ("Sex on Fire" & "Use Somebody")

    The Kooks ("Seaside" & "Sofa Song")

    Meiko ("Reasons to Love You" & "Piano Song")

    Metric ("Monster Hospital" &"Combat Baby")

    Mew ("The Zookeeper's Boy & "Symmetry")

    Mewithoutyou ("In a Sweater Poorly Knit")

    MGMT (Kids" & "Indie Rokkers")

    Modest Mouse ("Bukowski" & "World at Large")

    Mother Mother ("Body" & "Hayloft")

    The National ("Fake Empire" & "Mistaken for Strangers")

    Pinback ("Loro" & "Rousseau")

    The Pixies ("Where Is My Mind?" & "Mr Grieves")

    Porcupine Tree ("Lazarus" & "Collapse the Light")

    Radiohead ("Karma Police" & "Creep")

    Ray LaMontagne ("Within You" & "Hold You in My Arms")

    Regina Spektor ("Consequence of Sounds" & "Fidelity")

    Said the Whale ("Fish and Stars II" & "The Light is You")

    Shiny Toy Guns ("Don't Cry Out" & "Le Disco")

    Sparta ("Collapse" & "While Oceana Sleeps")

    The Submarines ("You, Me, and The Bourgeoisie" &"Little Boxes")

    Tegan and Sara ("Where Does the Good Go?" & "The Con")

    The Thrills ("Not For All The Love In The World" & "Faded Beauty Queens")

    Tori Amos ("Blood Roses" & "Mr Zebra")

    TV on the Radio ("Province" & "Ambulance")

    The Unicorns ("Inoculate the Innocuous" & "I Was Born (A Unicorn)")

    UNKLE ("Hold My Hand" & "Mayday")

    The Vines ("Ride" & "TV Pro")

    The Walkmen ("We've Been Had" & "The Rat")

    White Stripes ("Feel in Love With a Girl" & "Blue Orchid")

    Wintersleep ("Dead Letter" & "Laser Beams")

    Wolf Parade ("Grounds For Divorce" & "It's a Curse")

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs ("Gold Lion" & "Y Control")

    In addition to these, I'd highly recommend using last.fm (www(dot)last(dot)fm). Just set up an account and put in your favourite bands and it automatically recommends music for you. That's how I discovered several of my now-favourite bands.

    Happy music hunting!!

    Source(s): My iTunes and various playlists on it >.<
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    Sorry; pet peeve. Indie is a short form for independent, so asking for indie bands could mean any type of music, as long as they're on an indie label, or prefer to remain unsigned.

    Anyway. Since so many people seem to think that 'independent' is a style, I know what you mean. And I share a love for alternative rock/ indie rock or folk.

    Malajube (probably won't enjoy it unless you speak french)

    Matt & Kim (some techno vibes in it, but overall just amazing)

    Cold War Kids (favourite)

    The Middle East (very soothing at times, great to listen to if you want to mellow out)

    Beirut (another favourite. it's in english but very French/Belgian inspired)

    Belle & Sebastian (classic)

    Tegan & Sara (Canadian, very talented sisters with a very distinct style)

    The Twilight Sad (Great Scottish vibes)

    The Tunics (British genius. Very inventive in there marketing, read up on it)

    The Velvet Underground (classic)

    Emily Elbert (youtube her song 'hybrid; redirected' you will fall in love)

    Hope you like 'em :)

    Sorry if the beginning sounded rude, it's just a pet peeve.

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    I came in here to glorify Bright Eyes, but you've already heard of him! I don't listen to this genre very much, so I will make a stab at a recommendation:

    You're Not Alone Anymore — The Traveling Wilburys

    I can't even find a YouTube vid for it :( It's from 1988, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Bob Dylan supergroup. May not be your thang tho.

    Edit: Ooh, I *can* help you out! Someone mentioned Death Cab for Cutie, and their song I Will Follow You Into the Dark is amazing (and if you play guitar, it's really fun to play too).

    Again, YouTube is full of covers and shiot I could care less about.

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    sounds gold

    the dodos

    oh no! oh my

    yeah yeah yeahs




    death cab for cutie

    the moldy peaches

    the whitest boy alive

    thats just some. :) hope they work for you.

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