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List of fun "what's your favorite" questions?

Like favorite band, color, song, ect?

I love asking people those questions!

Longest answer gets 10pts!


I'm not asking for what your favorite things are!

I want a list of what to ask people!

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    singer- christina aguilera

    colour(s)- pink and yellow

    dog- Scottish Deerhound

    food- sushi, bread, cheese, pasta

    movie- The Departed

    author- Stephen King

    fruit- guava

    flower- sunflower

    t.v. show(s)- The Office and House

    season- fall

    drink- milk and margaritas

    number(s)- 3 & 46

    holiday- Christmas

    eye color- green and brown

    hair color- dirty blonde or brown

    actor- Jack Nicholson


    day of the week- Friday

    genres- hip hop, rap, jazz, country

    beach- Okuma (Okinawa, Japan)

    shoes- steve madden

    designer- Betsey Johnson

    candy- chocolate

    ice cream- brownie batter

    soda- diet coke

    restaurant- RA

    moto gp rider- valentine rossi

    ama rider- jake zemke

    football team- PHILADELPHIA EAGLES!

    Baseball team- diamondbacks

    Basketball team- suns

    Love story- atonement

    Energy drink- NOS (tangerine)

    Accessory- bracelets

    Make-up Brand- Urban Decay, Make-Up Forever, and MAC

    Department Store- Dillards

    Home improvement store- lowes

    Car- any BMW and Ferrari’s

    Motorcycle Brand- Suzuki and Yamaha

    Shampoo and Conditioner- TiGi products

    Face Moisturizer- Boscia

    Starbucks Drink- Rasberry Mocha Frap w/ choco. chips

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    Band: Prozzak, Nickelback, Cloud Cult

    Song: Not Fair by Lily Allen, May Your Hearts Stay Strong by Cloud Cult, Pretty Girls by Prozzak, If Today Was Your Last Day by Nickelback, Wire to Wire by Razorlight, Sally's Song (cover) by Amy Lee

    Colour: Wine colours (deep purples and reds)

    Food: Tiramisu, watermelon, pizza, grapes, anpan

    Drink: Litchi soda, cranberry guice

    Book: Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood, Lost Souls by Poppy Z. Brite

    Movie: Rocky Horror Picture Show, Stardust, Mulan, Hairspray, Coraline, The Spirit, Nightmare Before Christmas

    Video Game: Left 4 Dead, Soul Calibur 2

    TV Show: Supernatural, Project Runway, Ru Paul's Drag Race (lulz), Futurama

    Animal: Cats, snakes, ferrets

    Season: Autumn

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    Favorite Questions

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago


    List of fun "what's your favorite" questions?

    Like favorite band, color, song, ect?

    I love asking people those questions!

    Longest answer gets 10pts!

    Source(s): list fun quot 39 favorite quot questions:
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    1 decade ago

    Favorite Band - Limp Bizkit, Saliva, Linkin Park, Seether, Disturbed, Evanasence, etc.

    Color - Blue, Red, Yellow.

    Song - Rollin by Limp Bizkit.

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    color, movie, song, drink, store, flower, restaurant,, book, candy, celebrity, fun spot, accessory, hairstyle, car, ice cream, fruit, state, music video, cartoon, brand of shoes, donut, season, relative, teacher, magazine, game, joke, website, cookie, number, actor, cereal.

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    3 years ago

    What Is Your Favorite

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    band- hawk nelson

    color- yellow and orange

    song- i have many

    number- 3

    season- summer

    clothing item- anything cute

    actor- robert pattinson

    movie- twilight

    book- breaking dawn and many many others

    animal- horse and dalmatian

    eye color- green

    hair color- anything dark

    drink- snapple iced tea, sprite, or lemonade

    store- hot topic

    actress- hmmm idk

    candy- gum

    cereal- waffle crisp or lucky charms

    boy name- Octavian (yes i know its weird)

    girl name- Gwen

    saying- i made it up, "the 3rd dog is the charm" (long story)

    dog breed- dalmatian

    summer activity- see doo's on the lake and camping

    Bible verse- Revelation 22:21

    day of the week- depends on the week


    youtube video- i have alot but i love nigahiga

    food- spaghetti

    holiday- Christmas

    month of the year- December (bday and christmas) and November (this year new moon)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    color:Royal Red

    song: Internally Bleeding-Immortal Technique

    etc: Gummies.

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