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Who Is Your Favourite Actor/Actress?

Who Is Your Favourite Actor/Actress? & What Is Your Favourite Movie Starring That Actor/Actress?

Favourite Actor: Cary Grant In The Philadelphia Story!

Favourite Actress: Nicole Kidman In Moulin Rouge!

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    Actor: Wentoworth Miller- Human stain

    Anthony Hopkins- Human Stain

    Clive Owen- Crossing Borders

    Hugh Jackman- Australia

    Ben Stiller- Zoolander (my fav movie of all times!)

    Actress: Angelina Jolie- Crossing Borders

    Nicole Kidman- Human Stain, Australia

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    Favourite Actor: James Franco

    Favourite Actress: Leighton Meester (in Gossip Girl)

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    Favourite Actor: Emile Hirsch in Into The Wild.

    Favourite Actress: N/A.

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    Actor -

    Tom Hanks - Forrest Gump

    Johnny Depp - Blow, POTC series

    Nicolas Cage - Leaving Las Vegas, Face Off, Con Air

    Edward Norton - Primal Fear, American History X

    Denzel Washington - American Gangster, Training Day

    Shia LaBeouf - Eagle Eye, Disturbia, Transformers

    Bruce Willis - Sixth Sense, Die Hard series

    Actress -

    Angelina Jolie - Girl, Interrupted and the Changeling

    Scarlett Johansson - love her movies

    Cate Blanchette - Curious Case of Benjamin Button

    Charlize Theron - Monster

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    Actor : James Franco In Pineapple Express

    Actress : Reese Witherspoon In Sweet Home Alabama

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    Rob Pattinson- Twilight :)


    Amy Poehler- Baby Mama.

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    Edward Norton or Mark Wahlberg (The Illusionist - Fight Club, Max Payne - Shooter)

    Mila Kunis ( That 70's Show - voice of Meg in Family Guy)

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    Favorite actress: Sarah Jessica Parker (not in a movie but she's in Sex in the City by HBO)

    Favorite actor: Nicholas D'agosto (Starring at Fired Up!, and if you don't know who he is, google him. His very good looking)

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    Meryl Streep

  • 1 decade ago


    Will Smith


    Jennifer Aniston

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