How much food should you feed a 7 week old puppy?

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My sister is taking care of her grandma's dog for 2 weeks and I was just wondering how much we should feed it and how often? (It is half Min Pin and possible half chihuahua. We more
Update : she is only about 3 pounds.
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A puppy eats a lot of food. From birth up to six months of age, he'll need to eat two to four times as much as an adult dog to support all that growth. A good rule of thumb (paw?) is that after his first week of life, when his weight doubles from what it was at birth, a puppy should gain one to two grams per pound of anticipated adult weight each day. This means that if your German Shepherd puppy weighs 75 pounds as an adult, he should gain three to five ounces per day as a puppy.
here are some guidelines:

hope this helps.

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thanks for your answer.
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  • Aaron answered 5 years ago
    7 weeks for any dog is usually on some type of weaning food like KMR 2nd step. Now if the dog is on dry food already (though this is pretty early for 7 weeks) you should find out what the food brand is. Each brand has different feeding directions based on the protein and ingredients that it has. Once you find out the brand of food then either read the bag for feeding directions or check their website.

    You can always call your local PETCO or PetSmart and ask what the feeding directions are for your specific brand.

    A MinPin or something like that should be on a premium small breed puppy food like Royal Canin or Wellness Brand.
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  • Anya D answered 5 years ago
    read the bag. it should tell you how much to feed a dog by weight. if its a min-pin/chihuahua mix then it's a small dog.


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