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Why does every job i take make me miserable?

I worked at fidelity investments as rep...MISERABLE, Best Buy...MISERABLE, im an event supervisor at the sports stadium....MISERABLE. I only have one more year of undergrad left hopefully i'll be able to find better jobs...i doubt it.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It's not the job that makes you miserable it's what you want to do in your life.

    Remember mate, if in your mind, you focus on what you don't like always, guess what?

    That's what comes at you. So stop focusing on the crap you don't want in your life. Think good things. Think what YOU WANT and this will come.

    Sit down, and write down what it is you REALLY want to do. Job doesn't make you happy, business doesn't, life doesn't. YOU do by doing what you love to do.

    It's not about circumstances and external things, it's deeper than this. So now, look at not jobs but really, why you falling short on your dreams?

    Or do you know what you want? Are you happy with your own journey?

    If not..change it. Or no matter what job or whatever you do, will make you happy. Take the plunge mate, go for it. Sit down, and close your eyes and imagine who you want to be and where.

    Now see that person.

    Make it crystal clear. This takes time to do but practise.

    Now, when you learn how to do this, next step is...step into this person who you like to be, and like to do, and become.

    What does it feel like?

    Great eh!

    Yes, I know., do this everyday. Think who you want to be in regards to where in your life. See it all. Step into that world in your mind. towards it. Even if you have nothing, work towards it. Read knowledge towards it. Find people in that group and associate with them.

    And opportunity will come, be prepared, ready when it comes and don't be scared. Take it and let go. Some people, when opportunity comes, they have doubts, get scared, stay in comfort zone.

    Not you. Take it. Don't think about the price to pay, or you will lose this or that. You lose nothing. Losing is an illusion. It comes from being attached to what people are attached to..

    1) Fear of failure.

    2) Fear of stretching and think what their friends think or society thinks.

    3) Negative habits, their thoughts thinking "can't" and "if." and "but.

    4) Associating with people who pull you down.

    5) Not enough reading books to help your self development and thinking about your dreams.

    6) Lack of belief and low self image.

    Life is short. You got one chance. LIVE it! You bring happiness to your life. No one else. You do that.

    So sit down, and switch tv off, internet off, and all distractions. And give time to think about what YOU want out of life and then go for it.

    One step at a time. Do something everyday, even if it is a little. Steady as you go, wins the race.....if you're consistent.

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  • 1 decade ago

    My advice is to ask yourself deeper questions. You say you're "miserable". But really think about what you mean here. Are you miserable because you're bored? Tired? Just uninterested in the work? Too much time with other people? Too much time alone? Really think about what's causing you to be miserable in these various jobs.

    Personally, I'm miserable whenever I'm not challenged. Boredom equals misery. But everyone is different. I have a friend that is only happy when she is busy with various tasks, and she knows precisely how to solve each one (this would make me miserable).

    If thinking back on the jobs doesn't work, try writing 10 minutes in some kind of journal every evening: "What made today great: <list>". "What made today miserable: <list>" (or something like this). Something will start jumping out at you.

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  • M T
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    It is your attitude. It is not the job even if you are unclogging toilets or digging ditches. If you can't accept the circumstances in front of you and do your duties no job will be any different.

    You have a failure mentality. You are looking for something to do it for you when you need to bring that something to the job yourself. No job makes it. The person makes the job. This is the difference between successful people and all of the dissatisfied sheep in the world.

    You can bet that stars shine wherever they are. Dim souls remain in the shadows waiting for something that will never see them. You can turn on your light anytime you want to or you can sit and wait forever.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You are looking for work to bring you happiness. You have to bring happiness to your work.

    People say to find a job you love and it is great if you can, but many people just need to work in order to support themselves and their families. You might do better looking for happiness from within, or at least from friends, hobbies, etc., rather than from a job.

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