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What Marine MOS should i choose when join?

Im going to join the Marines soon and i was wondering what MOS i should choose. Im actually going to be a Marine Reserve after basic and then im going to finish my Batchelors degree while attending Officer Candidates School (O.C.S.) during the summer and graduating college as well as officer school 2 years after basic. now the list of jobs that are availiable to me right now are: ammunition technician (this is the only job that is offering me a 20K signing bonus), field wireman, circuit switch operator, field radio operator, information radio operator, ground communication organization repair, cook, motor vehicle operator, machine gunner, mortor man, assult man, NBC defense specialist, rifleman. ive been thinking ammunition technition, field radio operator and maybe an infantry job but im not sure which one. also im for sure i want to be a Marine so thats not an issue.

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    You need to choose a job that you like and want to do.

    I see you are enlisting into the enlisted side and you want to be an officer. Never forget how a year long deployment can change your plans.

    Here is some reading for you..

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    All Marines get INFANTRY as their primary MOS.

    Your secondary will probably (no guarantee) be in whatever field you are placed in.

    You can request a field but that doesn't mean you'll get it. The really good ones usually have a long waiting list.

    As you're not staying and will be going to college and then OCS don't worry about it. You got over 4 yrs before it matters. In that time you will be able to learn all you need to know to try to get the area you want. During the this time you may change your mind more than once.

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    Can't choose your MOS, can just pick specific fields.

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    Well my husband would suggest machine gunner, because thats what he did. :)

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  • 20k? That's it? Even as a bonus that's pretty pathetic. They can and will give you more than that. Don't do it. Their conning you.

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    you can't choose your MOS can you???

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