How do the reform and reconstructionist branches of Judaism differ?

I understand the differences between the other branches quiet well but I think I need a bit of help here.

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    Thanks, Ruth!

    Reconstructionists tend to view social policy a bit more liberally (activism) and services tend to be more traditional than Reform (although different congregations have different ideas, of course!)

    Check out: for Recons and for Reform.

    I love Reconstructionism because I like the personal relationship that I have with G-d in the chaverot; small gatherings, usually in people's homes.

    I would also check out a number of congregations; as I mentioned, it's the congregation and Rabbi/leader that makes you comfortable, not the branch!

    Source(s): Reconstructionist Jew - raised Conservative
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    I have a reconstruction Jew in my contacts, I'll pass this along to her.

    answer: (she can correct where I'm wrong) - Kaplan (the founder) believed that Judaism is a culture and that there won't be a messiah but a messianic age. Also a view that is somewhat like deism instead of the separate and superior entity in other branches.

  • Bill C
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    I can't tell you too much. I know that Reconstructionist is far more liberal, and doesn't seem to adhere to much of the teachings of traditional Judaism. Reform is somewhat liberal on social issues, but does retain a connection to the Torah.

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    Reform began as an assymilationist circulate in Judaism -- the consumer-friendly philosophy whilst it began became into that with the Enlightnment the a number of practices of the guidelines of the covenant of Sinai grew to alter into out of date and the wish for Messiah became into replaced with Berlin because of fact the hot Jerusalem. The rejection of the Messiah went away as a effect of the activities of the 30ies and 40ies. interior the 80ies the perception that the practices are out of date became into replaced with the situation that the guy ought to choose for himself what practices have been significant to them. Reconstructionism began as a philosophy fairly than a circulate. It essentialy restated the belief reported in Pirke Avot (a e book of the Talmud) that if a individual does not believe in God, he ought to inspite of the actual undeniable fact that keep the Jewish practices. The early writing of Reconstructionism became into geared in direction of Agnostic and Atheist Jews and endorsed that they stay interior of their branch of Judaism and keep its practices as a cultural and social value regardless of their underlying perception in God. Eventualy, this branched out into having its very own synagogues and communities. In a feeling, the perfect of Reconstructionism is the choice of the perfect of Reform - Reform belives in God yet we could bypass of the commandments, Reconstructionism keeps the commandments yet rejects the prefer for perception in God. ------- EDIT - on your extra questions Reform began in Germany - it became into the 1st "branching" from rabinic Judaism. earlier that "Jews" have been only "Jews" - it became into the Reform circulate that made up the term "Orthodox" to examine with everybody else. Reconstructionism began interior the U. S.. whilst it became into born, Reform and Conservative already existed.

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