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Where Can I Find A Pound Or A Puppy Mill In California? In Los Angeles?

Thanks! :D


I want to go to a Puppy Mill to rescue the dogs there!

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    Why do you want to find a pound OR puppy mill?


    Friends of Placer County Animal Shelter

    11251 B Avenue

    (530) 886-5539


    Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society

    2700 Ninth St.

    (510) 845-7735

    Beverly Hills

    The Amanda Foundation

    (310) 278-2935

    Animal Match (So. Calif.)

    Seeking homes for beautiful animals whose time is running out. www.animalmatch.net


    Sequoia Humane Society

    6073 Loma Avenue

    (707) 444-1782


    Central California SPCA

    103 S. Hughes Ave.

    Fresno, CA 93706

    (559) 233-SPCA


    Los Angeles


    Los Angeles Shelter / Administration

    5026 West Jefferson Blvd.

    Los Angeles, CA 90016

    Phone: 1-888-SPCA-LA1 (So. Cal.)

    Phone: (323) 730-5300 (National)

    Fax: (323) 730-5333


    List of spcaLA area shelters

    Los Angeles County

    Animal Care Center

    216 W. Victoria

    Carson, California

    (310) 523-9566

    Friends of Animals Foundation

    2336 Sepulveda Blvd.

    (310) 479-5089

    Animal Match (So. Calif.)

    Seeking homes for beautiful animals whose time is running out. www.animalmatch.net


    Merced County Animal Control

    2080 Grogan Avenue

    (209) 725-3647


    Stanislaus County Department of Animal Services

    2846 Finch Road


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    There is a difference between puppy mills and pounds. Pounds are where abandoned animals are housed. Puppy mills are where Dogs are abused, overbred, and neglected. Why do you want to find one? Adopt from a pound, report a puppy mill.

    Source(s): Animal hospital employee
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    If you want to go to a puppymill then you are insane!

    You may be rescuing one dog, but you are ultimately helping to keep the mill running by paying the idiots that own it.

    Go to a shelter. At least then you are saving a dog from death row and NOT helping run a puppymill.

    If you know of any puppymills in CA report them to the bureau of agriculture as well as the local APSCA. They will both have them shut down and save the dogs.

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    sorry but why are you wanting to find a puppy mill? These are He**holes for dogs!! Look in the yellow pages under shelters to find shelters.pounds.

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    Please get in touch with your local Humane Society and they can assist you. [You as an individual would have no legal standing to appear at someone's property (i.e. "puppy mill") and ask for the dogs to be surrendered to you.] The Humane Society can inform you of the best way to help the puppies.

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    Call your local police department (non-emergency number) and ask them about their animal control department.

    Or check http://www.petfinder.com/ - a lot of animal control departments post their available dogs there.

    DO NOT go to a puppy mill.

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    Why in the 9 levels of hell would you be looking for a puppymill?

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    Just google it, or write to Mike Vick in person.

    Little ****.

    P.S. that's how they kept their dogs in high spirits.

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