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Best known performances at the Broadway Theater?

Well, I am doing a project about the Broadway theater on Broadway. Anyway, there are not many sources online and I would like to know what performances were the most famous at the theater.

If you have the sources it would be much appreciated.

-_- Why did our teacher give us a 5 page project about a theater.


I was being specific about a theater(a venue) that B.S. Moss funded for building.

Bah Sorry for the confusion

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    Broadway theater....

    1681 Broadway (W. 53rd St.), New York, NY

    Seats (approximate): 1761

    Eugene DeRosa, architect. B.S. Moss opened the theatre as vaudeville-motion picture house. It became a legit house on December 8, 1930, and was renamed B.S. Moss' Broadway Theatre, taking the name of a theatre that had just been razed. Movies and vaudeville alternated throughout the 1930s, until the Shuberts bought it in 1939. They renovated it in 1939, 1956, and 1986. The large stage and seating capacity have made it a popular theatre for musicals through the years.

    Built: 1924

    Currently housing "Shrek: The Musical" and before that had "The Color Purple". For a complete list of every show it has housed plus photos and other info...

    To summarize the show list some of the best known shows that were housed at the Broadway theater were...(these are all original runs and not revivals I am listing unless otherwise noted)

    Miss Saigon- 1991 (Ran for 4,092 performances almost 10 years)

    Les Miserables- 1987 (Ran for 6,680 performances. The first 3 years at the Broadway theater before transferring to the Imperial theater in 1990)

    Evita- 1979 (Ran for 1567 performances and almost 4 years)

    The Wiz- 1977 (Ran for 1672 performances, just over 4 years)

    Fiddler on the Roof- 1970 (Opened at the Broadway theater and stayed for 3 years before moving twice more. It ran 3,242 performances)

    Mame- 1969 (Opened at the Winter Garden but transferred to the Broadway for the last year of it's run. The show had 1508 performances.)

    Cabaret- 1968 (Opened at the Broadhurst, moved to the Imperial, and finished up it's run at the Broadway. Ran for 1165 performances.)

    Funny Girl- 1966- (Opened at the Winter Garden, transferred to the Majestic, and closed it's run at the Broadway. Ran 1348 performances for 3 years)

    My Fair Lady- 1962 (Opened at the Hellinger, moved to Broadhurst, and finished at the Broadway. The show ran 2717 performances for almost 6 years.)

    The Music Man- 1960 (Opened at the Majestic moved to the Broadway after 3 years. Stayed at the Broadway till closing. It ran for 1375 performances during a 4 year period.)

    Gypsy- 1959 (Opened at the Broadway before transferring to the Imperial after a year. It ran for 2 years and 702 performances.)

    West Side Story- 1959 (Opened at the Winter Garden then, after 5 months, moved to the Broadway for a brief 2 month run before returning to the Winter Garden. It played 2 years and 732 performances.)

    South Pacific- 1953 (Opened at the Majestic and then moved to the Broadway where it stayed for the remainder of the run. Ran for 4 years and 1925 performances)

    Those are the more contemporary pieces that ran at the Broadway theater. It has a lot of history... great place to write a paper on.

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    All the famous broadway shows are here :

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    Phantom of the Opera is popular


    Les Miserables


    West Side Story



    Beauty and the Beast

    The Lion King


    South Pacific

    Fiddler On the Roof



    Music Man

    The Sound of Music

    Oliver Twist


    A lot of plays that have been turned into movies are popular. Hope this was helpful!

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