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Some good country music please?

Hi guys,

I'm a rock-metal oriented person, but by total accident I came by my very first record I ever bought. It was Neil Coty , album Chance and Circumstance in 1997.

Now I'd be interested in some kind of Texas country music, not the old kind tho like Johny Cash but new country music with rock influence.

here is a song I loved from the album

Any artists I suggested greatly appreciated, thanks.

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    Steve Earle

    Songs: Guitar Town, I Ain't Ever Satisfied, The Devil's Right Hand, Billy Austin, Justice In Ontario

    Best song all Texans know: Copperhead Road

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    NOTE: Starts with (what?) a ukulele played by Steve, builds to a snarling guitar riff. Great stuff.

    Pat Green

    Songs: Baby Doll, Dixie Lullaby, Don't Break My Heart Again, Three Days

    Best song all Texans know: Wave On Wave

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    This guy is very original and creative. His animated video for Baby Doll is unique.

    Charlie Daniels Band (older stuff - before 1995)

    Songs: Legend Of Wooly Swamp, Was It 26, The Devil Went Down To Georgia

    Best song you don't know: Passing Lane

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    Charlie has been through several phases of his career, and for about 20 years he had both rock and country playing his albums.

    Radney Foster/Foster and Lloyd (personal favorite)

    Songs: Texas in 1880, Sure Thing, Fair Shake, Everyday Angel, Raining On Sunday

    Best song you don't know: Foster and Lloyd - Fat Lady Sings

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    Video is based on The Beatles' "Magical Mystery Tour". You just don't see that tried with a country song!

    Warren Brothers

    Songs: Sell A Lot Of Beer, Hey Mr. President, King Of Nothing

    Best song you don't know: Change

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    (NOTE: Ignore the video, it's the song you should hear!)

    Cross Canadian Ragweed

    Songs: 17, Wanna Rock and Roll, Worth Fighting For

    Best song you don't know: Alabama

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    Jason Aldean

    Songs: Hicktown, Why, She's Country

    Best song you don't know: Back In This Cigarette (awesome!)

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    anything by keith anderson.

    rascall flats.


    (if you lke metal DONT listin to taylor swift lol)

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    taylor swift teardrops on my guitar

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